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THE POWER OF THE PIN - Jan 29, 2023: Every Rose Has Its Rumble

Updated: Apr 1

The inevitable has happened, as Sami Zayn has finally broken up with The Bloodline after an often rocky relationship

They say that breakin' up is hard to do, and at the 2023 Royal Rumble, Sami Zayn found out that it's true.

Zayn, the adopted member of The Bloodline, came to realize that he and the group were suffering irreconcilable differences sometime on Sunday night. It may have come when his former man crush, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, was crashing a steel chair down over his back. As the Canadian star lay prone on the mat, it was pretty clear we had watched one of the worst break-ups since Ross and Rachel. Those crazy kids.

While most splits like this are centered around matters of the heart, this one is more concerned with the waist. Specifically, the title that's around the mid-section of WWE's reigning kingpin. Roman Reigns is far and away the promotion's alpha male. It was Zayn's job, in essence, to 'stand by his man', and guard the gold as closely as possible. NOTHING could be allowed to penetrate the wall that the family had built around The Head of the Table.

But like in many relationships, one of the members of the relationship decided to push things too far, and that never goes well. At the Rumble, Zayn finally snapped, and he had to go his own way.

This has been a long time coming, as their onscreen relationship has been pretty toxic at times. Often, Reigns would show warmth and compassion to his loyal charge. Other times, he was a tyrant. And while there was never any physical abuse along the way, there was plenty of mental anguish.

To his credit, Zayn stayed loyal to the bitter end, taking all the slings and arrows and staying totally faithful. Tests of his loyalty proved that he was being honest the entire time. The Bloodline didn't even have to take him on The Maury Povich Show for a lie-detector test. He passed on his actions alone.

After being trapped in a triangle between the man he swore allegiance to and his former best friend, Kevin Owens, Zayn was at a crossroads. Sure, Roman had given him celebrity status and a whole, new WWE identity, but his heart was still in Canada. On Sunday night, we would witness a Maple Leaf make-good, when Sami basically sacrificed himself to save KO.

I guess it makes sense that Zayn would eventually go this route. He had been disrespected and shunned by most of the faction in recent weeks, especially by Paul Heyman. His friendship with Solo Sikoa wasn't the same anymore and the Usos were the only family members that he seemed to still have a strong bond with.

So, since the cooking wasn't as good at home anymore, it was time for Sami to try and get his groove back. And in those instances, we often go running back to our ex, don't we?

When Zayn fired off a chair shot at Roman, instead of waffling Owens? It was like handing him his class ring back. Realizing that he was no longer the Honorary Uso, he simply put his weapon down and took his beating. Sami knew that this split would be stunning, but now he was about to find out how destructive the divorce was going to be.

The group, sans Jay Uso (who refused to participate), gave Zayn the boot both figuratively and literally. Owens watched helplessly as the members of The Bloodline left Sami laying in a puddle of his own regret... Forever excommunicated from the Island of Relevancy. Then, Roman Reigns sealed the deal. The Head of Table tore petals off the roses of the ceremonial Samoan leis, and he sprinkled them over Sami's motionless body. In an almost symbolic gesture, this was his way of saying goodbye. That, and a spine-jarring smackdown with a chair. The next chapter of this whirlwind angle is still to be written, but it promises to be just as big a soap opera as we have seen so far. Is The Bloodline crumbling now? Will Sami and Kevin actually reunite after all this time? The weeks to come will provide all the answers and plenty of action. It appears that, despite the finality of the main event of Rumble, this thing is far from over. When it's all said and done, Sami Zayn is going to be out to teach his former faction a lesson in life: Relationships can be rewarding. But breakups are a real bitch.

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