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THE POWER OF THE PIN - Jan 15, 2023: I Keep On Dancing

Updated: Apr 1

Professional wrestlers over the years have been unafraid (and unashamed) to cut a rug from time to time... often with mixed results

There's something almost rhythmic about wrestling. Maybe it's the cooperation between the two performers, who always seem to describe their interactions in the squared circle as, 'a dance'.

That's a pretty accurate and expert account of what's occurring between these amazing athletes. It's an assembly of artistic expression, with the occasional few drops of blood thrown in, from time to time.

That may be why so many grapplers feel the need to show off some of their marvelous musical moves before, during, and after their matches. In fact, dancing can be just as much a part of some stars' acts as their actual in-ring action. It can even become the calling card that makes someone a mega-star and maybe even a WWE Hall of Famer.

Over the years, we've had everything from ballet to breakdancing, and funky to funny. Seeing a big, tough character crank up the amplifier inside their head is always entertaining. Sometimes, you're not sure if they would rather break a leg... or shake a leg.

The more the performers show their human side, the more relatable they are to the audience. It's something we have in common with these larger-than-life figures. Because after all? We've all at least played air guitar in the shower before.

For sports entertainers, dancing is the perfect way to bear their true selves - especially if it's really bad dancing.

Over the years, both legendary and forgettable names have incorporated a jump, jive, and jitterbug into their pro wrestling personas. Typically, it gets the wanted response from the crowd. Mostly, it's an excuse for some light-hearted moments that help break up the monotony of non-stop violence.

And just like guests at a wedding reception, everyone had their 'go-to' moves.

Koko B. Ware had his 'Birdman' dance, which he delivered in b