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THE POWER OF THE PIN - Feb 19, 2023: Now What?

Updated: May 6

As intriguing as the Bloodline storyline has been during its long run, the next chapter in the faction's story might be the most interesting one yet

Another WWE Elimination Chamber has come and gone, and Roman Reigns is STILL your Undisputed Universal Champion. He rolls on, now past 900 days as The Head of Table. But that's not really the headline.

The real story is - the day after the huge event in Montreal - Sami Zayn isn't. And it's a damn shame.

Despite the maniacal backing of his hometown crowd, Zayn couldn't ride his wave of momentum all the way to the promised land. It's probably one of the greatest builds to a championship match in the company's history that didn't see the challenger eventually triumph in the end. The WWE Universe would have happily erupted in excitement if Zayn managed to pull off a Montreal Miracle. Instead, they have to be left wondering a lot after Saturday night's festivities.

Most importantly... What now? What comes next for the parties involved, The Bloodline as a faction, and the storyline as a whole? This angle has been the gift that keeps on giving for World Wrestling Entertainment. And since we know it's in their nature to milk something for as long as they can, this thing is a long way from over. There are way too many moving parts right now.

It's not just been about the rise of Sami Zayn, which has been a terrific tale all on its own. But the other stars in this movie include his former-now-possibly-once-again friend, Kevin Owens. There is also a ton of mystery surrounding The Bloodline itself, with Jey Uso seemingly pulling away from Reigns' leadership. Meanwhile, his brother Jimmy has stayed loyal, bringing their partnership and current reign as the WWE Tag Team Champions into question.

The Sami Zayn vs. Roman Reigns epic clash wasn't the end of their story, just the beginning of the next chapter

As gut-wrenching as it may have been for fans to see Sami go down in flames, it opens up a virtual Pandora's Box of possibilities. Now, WWE can continue to mix and match these names, dividing them into teams, and possibly even two different supergroups somehow. Roman may add more members to fortify his troops, or there may be a match where it comes down to a 'win-or-disband' stipulation for them.

Literally, anything is possible right now.