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THE POWER OF THE PIN - Feb 12, 2023: "It's Open Mic Night with... BROCK LESNAR !!!"

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

Since becoming a country & western babyface, Brock Lesnar has been mixing a whole lot more down home humor with his promos and overall demeanor

By Ryan K Boman - 02.12.2023

Something has gotten into Brock Lesnar lately, and it appears to be laughing gas.

The Beast Incarnate has long been known for laying waste to his opponents. His path of destruction has been rolling along for over 20 years now in WWE, save for a little while, when he stepped away to fight in the octagon and try out for the NFL. Otherwise, he's been the most dominant force in the promotion. The process, he's also become a household name, appearing in advertising and on talk shows.

To say that Lesnar is a cyborg of the squared circle would be an understatement. And he's essentially been that way from birth, competing all the way through the University of Minnesota and Ohio Valley Wrestling before moving on to unprecedented success in WWE.

The 6' 3", 280-pound powerhouse swept through his amateur competition, going 106-5 in his career and winning the 2000 NCAA National Title in the heavyweight division. A little over two years later, he would be WWE Undisputed Champion... at the age of 25

He was a prototype. A machine built in a laboratory. A real-life Terminator.

Brock Lesnar is genuinely one of the most remarkable athletes to have graced the pro wrestling ring. That's why he's been pushed and coddled all at the same time for most of his career. He very publicly did whatever he wanted - when he wanted - and didn't care what else thought about it. It turned a lot of fans off, but it didn't really matter for The Beast Incarnate. He was printing money, every time he barely even peeked through the curtain.

All at the same time, Lesnar was stoic, stone-faced, and went about his business. There was no time for mirth or messing around. It was all about breaking bones and handling business.

But now, he seems to have turned his frown upside down. All of a sudden, Brock has bumped his funny bone

After a long career of being more serious than Lance Storm, this unstoppable monster has gotten a case of the giggles. Now portraying a jovial cowboy character, the man from the backwoods is mixing down-home humor with dominance in the ring.

Today, Brock's sporting a Stetson and driving tractors to the ring. And he's cracking more jokes than all those Blue Collar Comedy guys put together. Just pass the spittoon, and he'll tell you a tall tale that will tickle you silly.

Lesnar's current material is less Psycho and more Animal House, as he's become like an overgrown kid out there. His antics aren't nearly as maniacal and are much more mischievous. It's like watching a giant kid who's having the time of his life out there.

Of course, his jokes lead to his enemies becoming enraged and trying to gain some vengeance, only to slip on the proverbial banana peel. And someone like Bobby Lashley or Austin Theory can't seem to resist playing the role of Wile E. Coyote, while Lesnar plays The Roadrunner. They can't catch up to him. no matter how hard they try.

Right now? Lesnar is a lot like Ashton Kutcher was, back in the day. He just runs around PUNKing people.

This isn't to suggest that Lesnar is leaving wrestling to join the stand-up circuit and deliver one-liners at your local Chuckle Hut. He's not going to trade in his F-5s for fart jokes any time soon. He'll still be out there winning matches, claiming championships, and leaving his opponents Delirious from his Raw power.

However, he's having a lot more fun out there when he's performing for the fans these days. And they seem to be enjoying themselves more, too.

Like most great athletes, Lesnar's also likely reaching a point where he's thinking about his legacy and how he will be remembered. For a long time, he kept up a concrete facade to protect his character and spot within WWE. But now he knows he has nothing left to prove and is having more fun just being himself.

He'll still be the biggest ass-kicker in the company, he's just doing it with a wink and a nod now. So... be sure to tip your waitresses. And try the veal.


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