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THE POWER OF THE PIN - April 30, 2023: You Oughta Be In Pictures...

Updated: May 6

Blessed with charisma, good looks, and a whole lot of swagger, LA Knight has always had the makings of a classic star. Could he end up being a double threat - both on the mat and in movies?


There's just something about LA Knight that appears as if he's been sent to us from central casting.

The WWE Superstar is cut with the profile of James Dean but with the polish of Steve McQueen. He looks like a million bucks and surrounds himself with elegance. In almost any film, you would want him to play the leading man.

Shaun Ricker has actually been cast in several roles during his time in professional wrestling. The 40-year-old performer was long considered a blue-chip athlete and someone with incredible potential, but he never seemed to be produced in the right way. He's switched names and personas over the years but has always maintained a movie star presence. Even though he had to appear in a few B-grade flicks and matinee showings along the way.