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THE POWER OF THE PIN - April 23, 2023: Citizens of the Wrestling World... RESISTANCE IS FUTILE

The tremendous power and financial success of Vince McMahon should send a clear message to the moaning masses


By Ryan K Boman - 04.23.2023

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

--- George Orwell, 1984

When Vince McMahon publicly returned to the helm with WWE in early 2023, it signified many things to longtime fans and observers. While some of them are in-your-face obvious, the overall substance behind them is probably much more Machiavellian than it appears on the surface.

For one, it's pretty obvious that despite the company's public offerings and explanations, The Old Man never really went away. Most veterans of the industry said that all along, but the PR machine kept assuring us not to believe our eyes and ears. Even though he was not seen, his presence would always be felt.

And for good reason. He is the God of the WWE Universe, the all-knowing and all-powerful Oz of sports entertainment. It's a phrase he coined and an industry he owns, despite a bevy of worthy challengers.

At the end of the day, one thing about professional wrestling: In a world of crazy characters, Vince McMahon is the most powerful personality of them all. Not just his onscreen person, but the man, the CEO, and the fighter.

All in one. He is the overlord of the industry.

In that same vein, McMahon's power has made him an enemy of the people. Anyone who assumes that much control over destiny typically has detractors. The fact that Vince has done very little to change the perception that he ruled with an iron fist certainly didn't help either.

But is that the reality? For those who rejoice in any downfall or bad luck that befalls WWE and his family, are there fans out there who actually see them as 'The Evil Empire'?

Is Vince McMahon really wrestling's equivalent of Darth Vader? And If so, does that also make AEW President Tony Khan the Luke Skywalker of the business --- the leader of the resistance by default?

Not really. McMahon is no different than many CEOs and Chairmen in the world today. He's ruthless and definitely enjoys status and power. And MONEY. Lots of money. In fact? His favorite flavor of money is billions. Jumbo-sized, if available.

That's not really the issue. Many who don't really consider themselves one of the 'WWE Universe', dislike the fact that McMahon cares more about the bottom line than the storyline. They have seen that he's forsaken the roots of wrestling in order to chase the almighty dollar, and it frustrates them. That's completely understandable.

However, we gave him that power. The fans In essence, we elected our own dictator, and now we don't like the fact that he has the stroke to do whatever he wants. That pisses a lot of people off because it allows him to be arrogant. It affords him the luxury of never feeling that he's wrong. Because if it makes money, then it must have worked, right?

The next time someone thinks that WWE is drunk with power or that they don't handle their business correctly, think about all the pay-per-view purchases you have made. Think about all the times you said you would never watch again because you were upset that your favorite wrestler got screwed?

And where were you the next week... Monday, at 8/7 central?

Like Pavlov's dog, we have returned time and again for the treats that McMahon has fed us. We cannot deny that, because we have allowed it to happen for over 40 years now. And while pro wrestling as a whole is not as popular as it once was (and will NEVER garner the TV ratings of the '90s), the WWE money machine keeps on printing money. Where they once thrived in the millions, the corporation now swims in billions. All while the fanbase has spent over two decades talking about how the product was 'dying'.

In sort of an odd, psychological dance, fans post their displeasure and then argue about who is the actually angriest. Or, which opinion is the most justified. It's become a regular ritual now. In the beginning, it was mostly a Tuesday thing. Now? It's a 24-hour cycle of useless facts, overstated opinions, and bullshit bluster.

Everyone gets mad, no one gets even, and we all act like children. Most of all, nothing ever happens and no one ever does anything. We just complain, while the people we hope are listening have to incentive to.

So all those complaints fall on deaf ears, because Big Brother is busy in the backroom, counting all the money. And for every dollar that passes through Vince McMahon;'s hands, for all the more power and influence he wields, makes our opinions even less and less valuable.

Thanks largely to social media, we are caught in an echo chamber of anger right now. ESPECIALLY in the world of professional wrestling. Millions of voices all calling for change, but they all want something different. At the end of the day, it's all just bluster, really. Because one voice booms above all others. And he knows that no matter what bad decisions he makes?

You might complain. But you will never leave. Big Brother has got you now... by the soul. And he's pretty sure that even though you might squawk a little, you aren't really going anywhere. Most importantly, neither is your attention span nor your wallet.

That's because - for whatever odd reasons - we almost enjoy being trapped in his world. We like the agitation and irritation that comes from living in the wrestling bubble. It's like a huge colony of citizens, shut off from the real world. With only one place and (most importantly) one man to turn to.

That is the world that we live in. It's the world we created as fans a long time ago. And we are so used to it by now that we don't even realize it. Even as fans, we are just foot soldiers in Vince McMahon's quest for ultimate riches and success.

Like ants on a farm, we will be there, too. Scurrying and trying to make sense of it all, while Big Brother views us through the glass. Marveling at how big he is, and how small the rest of us are.

And just like those ants? We don't choose to be so insignificant, but in his hands and in the scope of his world? We're nothing more than grains of sand in a desert.

You're free to complain or be upset. You can even call WWE and Vince McMahon every horrible thing that you can think of. As a matter of fact, as wrestling fans, we have almost become gluttonous for this type of punishment at this point.

So feel free to wallow in misery and enjoy the company that it brings every day. On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Whatchamwhoever, you can spend days just giving your thoughts, opinions, and (most fun of all) wild conspiracies. In fact? It's a great way to kill some time. Ya know? Instead of spending it with your family and such.

But the one thing you won't do is leave. And there's a reason for that: You have been programmed not to.

George Orwell's classic novel 1984 paints the picture of a dystopian future, led by a dominant, bureaucratic force. It's quite often used as a metaphor for situations where the power-mad have used their great propaganda to control the minds of the people. To get them to do their bidding and to never (no matter how much they may feel like rebelling) stand up to authority. No matter how negative the outcome might be for their own well-being, they've been trained to step accordingly.

In the story, the people have become so used to their normal routine that they just fall in line. In essence, that's what wrestling fans do when it comes to Vince McMahon. They can view him as some sort of dark, Orwellian villain in the story of pro wrestling; that's fine.

What everyone should acknowledge is Vince has continued to be in that position because that's been the fans' choice. They don't really have anyone to blame but themselves.

It's basically the ultimate game of pro wrestling propaganda. At this point, it's really all they know. Watching regularly in protest is their routine now, and no matter how much they complain about it? Big Brother McMahon will always be the one pulling the strings.

That's why any semblance of a professional wrestling democracy is dead. It has been for a long time. Only one voice matters today. And he's got the biggest megaphone.

So now? Just sit back, relax... and let go of all of your thoughts...


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