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The Chris Jericho Cruise Experience

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

With the fourth iteration of the Chris Jericho Rock N Wrestling Rager at Sea recently concluding and the fifth one about to start presales, now is a prefect time to review previous versions and give suggestions on why you should join the next one. This will be a fan perspective and not endorsed or paid for by Sixthman or Chris Jericho. So Here is Ten reasons why I think you should look into the next Chris Jericho Rock N Wrestling Rager at Sea. If this convinces you to join jump on over to Chris Jericho Cruise and sign up.

1. Wrestling

While it may be right there in the name, but wrestling is probably the top thing for going in the Chris Jericho Rock and Wrestling Cruise. It is hard for a wrestling fan to beat live wrestling. What sets this apart from any other live show is the wrestling seems more open for shenanigans. The wrestlers don't have to worry about commercial breaks or any other production hinderances. The cruise also allows talents like Peter Avalon, Ryan Nemeth, Chaos Project and others who are not normally given time on TV to shine. The last match of the cruise is always a once in a lifetime match. The Triple Whammy seen Chris Jericho team with Orange Cassidy against Hobbs and Starks. The Four Leaf Clover Jericho and Danhausen tagged against the Ass Boys aka Colton and Austin Gunn.

2. The Music

Again it is in the name of the cruise. However, it is more than just Rock on the cruise, Max Caster and Swerve Strickland both performed rap concerts on the Four Leaf Clover. Mickie James even had a country set on the ship. Two of which I personally attended and thought were they were a blast. On the rock side of things, it is headlined by Fozzy. If you are a fan of AEW then you have heard at least one song by them as "Judas" is the theme for Chris Jericho. Other rock bands this year included Nocturnal Affair, Priss (a all femal Kiss cover band), Gaurdians of the Jukebox, and Raven. None of which dispappoint when looking for a great show.

3. Meeting Legends

Each year the Jericho Cruise has a few special guests and legends. The 2023 legends were Brutus the Barber Beefcake, IRS, Sabu, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Previously it has been Scott Hall, Kurt Angle, Jazz, Madusa, and Ric Flair to name a few. Having these legends on board allows for fans to see them at more than just a convention sitting behind a table. Hacksaw Jim Duggan even played a role in the finish for the main event.

4. Comedy

Each year there is a Director of Laughs. The last two cruises it was Brad Williams. The second iteration of the cruise it was Gabriel Iglesias. Both are hilarious and changed their sets to fit the fact that they were on a wrestling cruise. The Director of Laughs has been tasked with starting the crusie with the sale away shot and hosting the comedy showcase. Besides whichever other comedians that get booked for the show some of the wrestlers will get in on the comedy shows. Ryan Nemeth is one that generally has a bit. One the Triple Whammy Colt Cabana hosted an iteractive mad libs with the audience. Comedy provides a great relief from the hard hitting action in the ring and pulse pounding beats of the music

5. Cosplay

Each night has a theme. Regardless of the theme night people will dress up and have fun. Two of the more consistant people to dress up is AEW Jesus and a Ric Flair. This year there was even a "Gathering of Gangrels" where several people dressed up as Gangrel and took pictures. Along with classics such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and Macho Man Randy Savage there is also more trending costumes such as Jericho Appreciation Sosciety and Kip Sabian with the box head. The cosplay is not limited to just wrestling either. There has been people dress up as eagles and a whole troup of smurfs. Cosplay just gives those in attendance another way to have fun.

6. Deck Wars

Deck Wars is a fun year long competition that keeps those booked interacting. It is silly little competitions. They range from just changing your facebook image to the color of your deck or guessing who the next person to be announced for the cruise will be. It isn't taken too seriously but it allows people to bond and builds anticipation for the cruise. This last cruise there was even a deck wars parade allowing those who wanted to strut their stuff dresssed in their decks color to peacock. Despite if you are Green, Yellow, Blue, or Red decks it just adds to the fun of the cruise.

7. Paranormal

One of my personal favorite activities is Dave Schrader's events on the cruise. He is slated as the last event of the cruise with campfire tales. Dave Schrader also does two other shows live for the cruise. This year it was for his Paranormal 60 show, found on all streaming platforms. His Parashare featured AEW wrestlers Anthony Bowens and Dr. Luther along with his normal cohorts of Marty Vallas and Eric Folsom. If you haven't heard of him before you should check out his many shows like the Holzier Files, Ghosts of Devil's Perch or the previously mentioned Paranormal 60. The knowledge on paranormal, cryptids, and other things that go bump in the dark makes it quite the enjoyable event for even an novice in the feild.

8. Podcast

If you are a fan of Talk is Jericho what it better than being in the audeince live as he interviews a special guest? Not a fan of Talk is Jericho but like podcasts well no problem. Dan Lambert and Swerve Strickland also had podcast session on the cruise. Also as mentioned in the Paranormal section Dave Schrader recorded two shows for his podcast. The Jericho Cruise often books individuals to host live podcast recordings. Vickie Guerrero has even recorded on the cruise previously.

9. Fan Interactions

Meet and Greets and Photo Sessions are just the beginging of fan interaction. The wrestlers, comedians, and bands all run about the ship just like the everyday working man. Seldom will they refuse either a photo or signature if you see them about. A few of them will even hang out in the casino where you can have a lengthy conversation with them if you are lucky. They even make suprise appeances at the nightly karaoke. On the Four Leaf Clover, I ran into Flip Gordon every day and each time he was awesome. Besides seeing them all about, there is even special events where a few lucky individuals get to be part of the show. This year there was both a Drunk Spelling Bee and Family Fued. Which I got to say, Eddie Kingston was the start of Family Fued this year. Vickie Guerrero hosted Bingo on the cruise. The Vaudettes a burlesque group which features Shaul Guerrero even hosted a dance lesson.

10. Community

Is this a cheap trick to just eek out another point, or just a sentimental pull at the heart strings? You decide. However, community is a aspect of the cruise that is not touted enough. Over the period of four days running around the ship you will encounter individuals repeatedly that if you take the chance can become life long friends. The likelihood of having stuff in common with those on the boat is astronomical. You also have a greater chance of encountering those people at other events. There is a Facebook group that allows easy communitcation between each cruise. At times you will even encounter people with their own podcasts like Wrestling on the Rocks.

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