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Welcome to this weeks episode of AEW rampage. We have a title match and a continental classic blue league match so let's get going.


Angelico manoeuvres early on, showing off his submission skills, but Cassidy gets out of every single one. Cassidy is sent into the corner as we get a swing and miss from Angelico. Cassidy with a leg scissors takedown. Cassidy looks for the orange punch, but Angelico leaves the ring. Another leg scissors takedown by Cassidy, followed by a dropkick as Cassidy has his hands in his pockets. Angelico with a chop block. Cassidy heads outside as Angelico continues focusing on the knee. Angelico takes it back in the ring, targetting the leg even more. An inside cradle by Angelico as Cassidy counters with a stun dog millionaire, followed by a beach break on one leg! Cassidy can’t make the cover he brings himself to while Serpentico grabs his leg from underneath the ropes. This comes as Cassidy is trying to look for the orange punch. This gives Angelico an opening as he delivers a big boot to the face of Cassidy. Danhausen returns the same gesture as he sweeps Angelico’s leg! This forces Serpentico into the ring and charges at Danhausen. Danhausen moves out of the way and Serpentico crashes and burns. Danhausen curses Angelico as Cassidy gets a cover roll for a near fall! Angelico goes for the grapevine submission lock, while Serpentico has Danhausen in a Boston crab. Cassidy tries to hulk up as he puts his hands in his pockets, which somehow gives him power. Cassidy uses the orange punch to knock out Angelico for the win.

Here is your winner: Orange Cassidy

Now don’t get me wrong its great to have the title defended on Rampage but lets be honest this was never in the balance at all. Angelico gets a random title shot and no one ever thought he had any chance of winning this one.


Adora with a couple of hard closed fists and chops as Abadon laughs it off. Adora with an excellent step-thru stretch submission as Abadon bites on her lower leg. Adora gets kicked in the face several times as she receives a one-count. Adora continues kicking Abadon before whipping her into the corner. Adora charges as Abadon catches her with a double-foot ground takedown. Abadon with a knee to the midsection, followed by clubbing the living hell out of Adora. Abadon is choking her out but Adora returns with a pump kick. Abadon with a couple of kicks of her own, followed by a knee to the side of the head. That looked nasty. Follow it up with some black magic as Abadon picks up another one.

Here is your winner: Abadon

Abadon is still terrifying but is great. Her push is going to continue until Julia Hart defeats her and we wont see her again for months. The women are great in AEW but feel the booking is pretty predictable.


Daniels and Hobbs start things off as Daniels tries a couple of chops on Hobbs’s chest. Hobbs isn’t budging as Daniels welcomes him to chop him back. Hobbs takes the bait and misses as Daniels gets in a couple of strikes to the head before Hobbs rebounds. Hobbs with a nice strong toss, followed by a tag to Takeshita. Takeshita’s with a nice splash and a senton from the top rope. Sydal with the tag as he goes right to kicking the lower knees. It’s followed by a leg scissors takedown attempt as Sydal counters with a wristlock takedown. Hobbs with a power slam as Sydal kicks out at two. A tag to Takeshita as Sydal surprises him with a knee to the face before Hobbs is tagged. Sydal pulls a tag to Daniels as Daniels pulls off a hurricarana from the second ropes. Hobbs clotheslines him, giving him a spinebuster as he takes his stripes down. It’s followed by a devastating world’s strongest slam for the victory.

Here is your winners: Don Callis Family

Once again Sydal and Daniels are here to make their opponents look good and Hobbs looks incredible atm. These two have some real potential as a team. Lets just hope they are used properly and we can start to believe that they are contenders.


Daniels had some wrist control action early on before it was reversed. Garcia was taken to the ground by a back suplex. Daniels goes for Garcia’s legs as Garcia reaches for the ropes for a break. Garcia seems laser-focused tonight as Daniels tries for a rollup and is denied. Daniels is sent into the ropes, where he tries for a spinning kick and misses. Garcia with a rollup as Daniels kicks out. Excellent series of counters as Garcia tries for a leg submission hold as Danielson grabs the ropes for the break. Danielson with a series of kicks that connect as he’s grounded. Danielson continues kicking the legs as Garcia comes back furious with strikes and a running knee to the left eye. Danielson is set in a tree of woe position as Garcia pulls off a dropkick! The cover attempt is made as Danielson kicks out.

We are back from our last set of commercials as Danielson kicks Garcia hard in the chest. Oh, Danielson is begging Garcia to dance for him as Garcia goes toe-to-toe with Danielson on strikes. Danielson rocked with a side exploder for a near fall. What a match this is. Garcia tried for a powerbomb as Danielson countered with a triangle choke! Danielson with an elbow being driven to the head of Garcia. Danielson manages to get on top to pound on the head as the referee breaks it up. Somehow, Garcia managed to get to the ropes for a break. Danielson tries for the running knee as Garcia falls to the canvas. Bait and switch by Garcia as he goes for an inside cradle for a near fall. Garcia follows up with the dragon tamer as he’s got it in tight. Garcia turns it into a pretty piledriver for another near fall! Garcia is beyond pissed as he promises he’s going to get his head kicked in and delivers! Garcia is relentless. He continues stomping on Garcia as the crowd doesn’t like what they see. Garcia finally dances as Danielson catches him with the running knee! Danielson starts stomping Garcia’s head in as he slaps on the LaBelle lock. Garcia tries his best to fight it off, but Danielson makes him pass out. This one is over.

Here is your winner: Bryan Danielson

Two of the very best technical wrestlers AEW have and my god did it show. This match was incredible. Garcia continues to lose but looks great in every match. This guy is going to be a star. And lets be honest, nothing more can be said about Bryan. He is the best in the world and that’s a fact. Great match this one. Stole the show.

An ok showing this week saved by the main event. Was nice that Rampage got got one of the continental classic matches. Gave the episode some importance. See you tomorrow guys for Collision.


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