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Taz Says There Is No Shot He Ever Returns To The Ring, Tells Fans HOOK Is A Far Superior Athlete

Taz has closed the door on a possible in-ring return.

The AEW commentator and ECW legend have responded to a Twitter fan asking if the Human Suplex Machine would ever consider lacing up his boots for another matchup. Taz explains that he is well past his prime and is happily retired. He adds that his son, FTW Champion HOOK, is a much superior athlete to himself and is only getting warmed up in AEW.

“Not a shot. I’m 55, I retired from the ring a long time ago. It’s a young person's business IMO. Watch my son, he’s 10x the athlete I ever was & his presence/vibe blows mine away. Took me 6-7 years to find “it”….he IS “it”. He’s just getting warmed up…trust me.”

A separate fan asked Taz if he would ever take an occasional bump he responded with this:

“Not unless I’m ok with losing feeling in my legs being that I have nerve damage …so no sir. Along with needing a knee & shoulder replacement. I live in pain… every day. Not complaining, just a fact. I’m use to being in pain. My wife is use to seeing me in pain. It’s all good tho!”

Check out Taz’s tweets below.

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