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Superstar Billy Graham Passes 5/17/23

Ric Flair broke the news to the world of his passing. Superstar Billy Graham was born Eldridge Wayne Coleman June 7, 1943 in Phoenix, Arizona. He would rise to fame in the WWWF where he would hold their Heavyweight championship. During this period he would become a blueprint for Sports Entertainers to follow. Billy Graham was also an award winning body builder who trained with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Billy Graham would start wrestling in the AWA territory. This is where he would pick up the "Superstar" nickname. While in the AWA he would feud with legends such as Verne Gagne, Wahoo McDaniel, Ivan Koloff, Ken Patera, and many more. While there Billy Graham would start to incorporate weightlifting and body building aspects into wrestling. This would include posing and lifting weights. Segments that can still be seen today when wrestlers want to prove their strength.

Between 1976 and 1989 Billy Graham would spend his time bouncing between tours of Japan, the NWA, and Vince McMahon's promotion which would change from WWWF to WWF during this period. While in Japan he would feud with Antonio Inoki. In the US he would feud with Jerry Lawler, Kevin Sullivan, and Jimmy Valiant among others.

Graham would have his last match on November 7, 1987 in St. Louis against Butch Reed. After that he would transition into commentary due to injuries. Superstar Billy Graham would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004.

This "Man of the Hour, The Man with the Power, Too Sweet to Be Sour" will be missed. The RealRasslin family condolences.


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