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Super Strong Style 16 Day 1 Review

Welcome to Day 1 of Progress Wrestling Presents Super Strong Style 16!

2023 could be anyone’s year! Could it be Robbie X? Will Kid Lykos redeem himself? Will the 01210 end up facing each other? Does #OspreayFearMayfairs ?

This year event is lined up to be a hard hitting, high flying event! So let’s get on with it shall we…

Match 1 - Mark Haskins vs Leon Slater

With the opening match a strong starter for the weekend the mixture of style between the brute force of Mark Haskins and the fast pace of Leon Slater did not disappoint. Leon Slater dominated the first half of this match before a freak landing on his knee weaken Slater which Haskins took full advantage of.

Targeting Leon’s leg, Mark took it to the Youngest in charge and eventually the injured leg caught up with Leon with Mark Haskins picking up the win. He might have lost but going forward Leon Slater has many more SSS16 in his locker!

match 2 - Danny Black vs Charles Crowley

Well… the King of Twats… was quite frankly a twat! Charles Crowley coming out in a dog mask and demanding young Danny Black wears it as and I quote “he’s into animals at the moment!”

Danny didn’t take too kindly to this as he took it to Mr Crowley and made sure he knew who was boss! Hard-hitting and quick there were some moments we thought Crowley would be counted out, however the Twat of Twats somehow, confusingly to this writer anyway, pulls it back and secured the victory! Honestly, I was so confused with Crowley that I blanked out and came around when he won!

Match 3 - Shigehero Irie VS Man like Dereiss

This was big man vs Swagger! Honestly, Irie for a big man doesn’t stop! His speed is crazy and you can see why he is the wXw Champion with his speed and hard-hittingness against Man like Dereiss did not stop!

Somehow Dereiss however kept coming back! Time and time again, you think he’s down, the 0121 comes back again! Alas, however, it did not do him any favours and with a 1..2..3 Irie took away the W and moves on to the next round!

Match 4 - Rampage Brown vs Luke Jacobs

Well… Big Man vs Big Man did not disappoint! You know the matches, where the un-moveable object faces the un-moveable object… that was how this match went! Hit after hit could be heard outside the building! Hell, people in Glasgow could hear them! Rampage Brown hit Luke Jacobs none stop and the crazy thing is… Luke took every… single… shot!

Even crazier… LUKE WON!! After all the beating, all the hard-hitting these two men did to each other, this match had sweat… blood and a crowd behind them! Luke is going places!

Match 5 - Kid Lykos vs Big Damo

Chants of “he’s only a child” could be heard throughout, but Big Damo did not let up!

Kid Lykos tried time and time again to put some kind of offence together and Damo just smiled! Honestly what kind of sick twisted mind does Damo have? At one point he threw Lykos into the chairs and then JUMPED into him!

Yet… honestly Kid Lykos WON! He even did a brainbuster on BIG DAMO! Is this Lyko’s year? Could I be made to eat my words on the podcast? Let’s just see!

match 6 - Nathan Cruz VS Maggot

Well… not only does Maggot have the greatest entrance music on the Indies currently but he has the crowd eating out of his hands…. Like he kept biting Nathan Cruz! Honestly, how the ref didn’t see this clear violation of the rules I don’t know!

Between these gentlemen, a fight occurred that left men in the audience silent at times because of the brutality!

Maggot never stopped, Nathan Cruz took it to him and when the time came… Maggot tapped and said no more! Nathan Cruz moves on… but Maggot… if he enters next year's SSS16, he’s my pick to win it!

Match 7 - Robbie X VS Nick Wayne

King of the Cruiserweights against the man who DEFYs gravity! This match did not disappoint and the Ariel assault was incredible!

Both men used the air as their friend but also the ground game was a true wrestling masterclass for anyone that wants to get in the industry AND NICK WAYNE IS ONLY 17!

The ropes rebounded, the top rope was well-used and Nick Wayne defied the odds and BEAT THE KING!

Robbie truly deserves a shot at any title in Progress and Nick Wayne will move on to earn his!

Match 8 - Tate Mayfairs vs Will Ospreay

This crowd was HOT! Honestly, the hatred towards Tate whilst the noise for Ospreay was UNREAL! I’m still regaining my hearing!

#OspreayFearsTate was trending the entire time and both men fought like they only had one fight left!

Tate gave up the knuckle dusters and fought like there was no tomorrow, standing in the ring one-on-one having elbow after elbow both men had this crowd going mental!

Tate's chest turned purple, Will took some old-school boxing shots, it looked like Tate had Will's number with Tate taking a two count!

But Will countered and knocked Tate into Day 3 of SSS16 yet somehow this man will not go down! This is where Tate started to let his ego get the most out of him, whilst Will was caught up in the ropes, Tate decided to talk smack and honestly, that was the worse decision! He could have pinned him after the elbow from the other side of the ring but because of the delay, he only managed to get a 2 count!

Honestly, this match has EVERYTHING! Fighting on the edge of the ring both men took the hit like a champ and Will came out on top when it looked like Tate was knocked out from the hit!

Will keeps his smile and took it back to the ring, both men fighting in the ring with Tate getting the distraction and grabbing the knuckle dusters before the ref takes them and MAYFAIRS STILL HITS A LOW BLOW!!

Tate hits a spinning pile driver and YET OSPREAY KICKS OUT ON 2!!

Tate goes for what looks like a brain buster BUT OSPREAY HITS A STUNNER! He’s hit the HIDDEN BLADE! HIDDEN BLADE IS BACK IN PROGRESS AND WILL OSPREAY WINS 1…2…3!!


Well… I don’t know what to say… that match was incredible!


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