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Stevie Richard Says AEW Blocked A Video He Made About Jon Moxley Injury

Stevie Richards is not happy with AEW.

The longtime veteran has a series on his YouTube channel called “What Went Wrong,” where he does a deep analysis of new and old happenings in the world of pro-wrestling, including real-life injuries that occurred. For context, Stevie Richards has videos of Shane McMahon getting hurt at WrestleMania 39, Goldberg injuring Bret Hart during their infamous WCW Starrcade matchup, etc.

Well, Stevie Richards recently released a video covering the injury that Jon Moxley suffered at the hands of Rey Fenix at last night’s AEW Dynamite Grand Slam event. If you missed it, Jon Moxley got knocked loopy and called an audible to lose the match, which crowned Rey Fenix as the new AEW International Champion. Jon Moxley would later leave the ring on his own, but it is believed he suffered a concussion.

However, it seems AEW did not want Stevie Richards video out there since it is believed that the concussion Jon Moxley suffered happened early on and that he wrestled a large portion of the match injured. He writes the following on X (Twitter):

So @AEW is already blocking my “What Went Wrong?” video worldwide. Maybe the company should work just hard to protect their talent so videos like mine don’t have to be made.

You can see Stevie Richards’ post, including the original one that had the taken down Youtube link, below.


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