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Steve Austin On Drinking Beers During His WrestleMania 38 Match: I Was Doing That To Take A Breather

Steve Austin talks why he was drinking beer during WrestleMania match

Steve Austin opens up about his WrestleMania 38 matchup against Kevin Owens.

The Rattlesnake discussed this topic during a recent interview on the Out Of Character podcast with Ryan Satin, where he revealed some of the training routines he did to get back into shape and how he felt himself getting gassed at multiple points in the match. Fortunately, Steve Austin had some cold beers close by to slow things down and catch his breath. Check out his full thoughts on the subject in the highlights below.

Talking about his training routine for WrestleMania 38 matchup with Kevin Owens and how he still felt like he still wasn’t in ring shape:

“Zero. Zero in-ring training. I was doing cardio. Here is an inside tip for you. I love Sheamus, he has a great YouTube channel, the Celtic Warrior Workout. I got on there, I watched Edge’s routine, and I watched Bryan Danielson’s training routine. The one that really got me was Becky Lynch’s comeback routine. I did her routine over and over, then I invented my own out of that. I was training hard at my house, but I didn’t have a ring. Once I got to Dallas, I got there three or four days early because I always do, I ran the ropes a lot with Drew Gulak, who is absolutely wonderful, a great talent. Super guy, very intuitive in the ring, we did a lot of criss-cross stuff. Locked up, grab a headlock, a couple of spots. Just a little bit of that and I was gassing. When I tell you I was in good shape, I was, but doing cardio at the house, as hard as I was working out, is not in-ring activity. It’s very specific, cardio is. When KO [Kevin Owens] or Drew come in, they’ve worked on the road a lot. As much as I worked, it was short notice, but as hard as I worked, I still wasn’t in shape because they were doing a specific task.”

Whether he liked how the match went:

“It was what it was, I wanted to give them more, but the whole time, when you have that amount of people out there, I’ve been in front of a million crowds, but you’re trying to pace yourself. When you saw me go sip beers, I wasn’t doing that to advertise my beer, I was doing that to take a breather and kind of monitor the system because I was getting a little gassed. You don’t want to go out there and freak out. I was taking those opportunities to slow down and catch a breather.”


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