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Shawn Michaels Saved Top WWE Star From Being Released ‘Several Times’WWE

In an interview about LA Knight for ESPN, Shawn Michaels revealed that he saved the top star from being cut in NXT ‘multiple times’.

In the piece, Michaels shared his belief in what LA Knight could bring to the WWE, noting that he came in with impeccable skills from day one.

However, the enthusiasm over LA Knight wasn’t particularly shared amongst higher level decision makers in the company.

While Michaels didn’t name names, he did reference an ominous presence and their ever present concern about LA Knight.

Michaels said:

“I would tell them all the time that there is this guy (L.A. Knight). When people say a WWE guy or a Vince (McMahon) guy, he was f—ing it. I was trying to tell (them), lose the three-eight. He never looked to me like he had any mileage on him… To me, he was still brand fricking new.”

The piece noted that Shawn Michaels shared that LA Knight was on the cut list in NXT ‘several times’, however the Heartbreak Kid would use a savvy strategy to continue to plead his case for Knight.

Saying that he would continue to need Knight for storylines, Michaels said:

“I never lied, I did always have him in stuff. But there were a couple of people that I knew from this mythical age thing, wasn’t fitting their qualifications, but I always kept them in storylines. And so my excuse was, we can’t get rid of him now.”

Michaels would then go on to note that he would take care to try and finesse a ‘certain someone’ into seeing the value of LA Knight, leading to a full on ‘argument’ over the difference of opinion on age.

Shawn Michaels said:

They never f—ing paid attention to us. I was trying to finesse a certain someone, but all he would see is the one number, the three-eight. Someone who’s damn near my age, and I’m having an argument with them. Were you old when you were 38?”

LA Knight certainly has a big weekend ahead of him as at the Saturday January 27 WWE Royal Rumble, he will have another chance to win WWE’s most coveted title.

Roman Reigns puts his WWE Undisputed Championship on the line in a Fatal Four way match against LA Knight, Randy Orton and AJ Styles at the premium live event.

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