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We at Real Rasslin can confirm that

WWE star Seth Rollins has reacted to The Rock calling him Cody Rhodes’ ‘little girlfriend’ and threatening to ‘slap the piss’ out of both.

After scathing comments from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shared by WWE on social media Seth Rollins has reacted.

While in the promo, seemingly filmed backstage at last week’s WWE SmackDown taping as The Rock was wearing the same outfit, he had some choice words for both Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

In the clip, The Rock said:

“Here’s the bulls**t that’s happening now down in Australia. Cody Rhodes and his little girlfriend Seth Rollins are gonna go on the Waller Effect. Here’s the thing – I need you, and you, and this goof holding the camera, and this one holding the microphone over here, I need all of you guys to make sure that Perth knows there’s some bulls**t happening.

And if those guys – those guys meaning Cody and his little girlfriend Seth – if they start talking trash, let The Rock know. Tell The Rock. Because here’s what’s gonna happen – The Rock is gonna slap the piss out of both of them just like that.

“As a matter of fact, if they talk trash, The Rock will fly down there to Perth before that interview is over and he’ll do it. Don’t wonder why The Rock can make it that quick. The Rock makes magic happen, do you understand?

Now Seth Rollins has reacted with a hilarious reference to a classic 30 Rock moment.

In the season six episode ‘The Tuxedo Begins’ of the show, Steve Buscemi plays Lenny Wosniak, a private detective.

Going ‘undercover’, he looks to get intel moonlighting as a high school student despite the fact he is clearly a 55 year old man just holding a skateboard and wearing a t-shirt that reads, ‘music band’.

The moment was of course immortalized in gif form and is often used as a reaction to question the believability of an attempt to be involved in a community.

Unphased by Dwayne’s insults, Rollins continued to draw attention to The Rock’s age and potential disconnection with the savvy WWE fan base.

Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes will likely have more to say about The Rock and the Bloodline as they appear on the Grayson Waller Effect at WWE’s Elimination Chamber.

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