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Scottish Wrestling Entertainment Fast Track Rumble 23 - 25/02/23

Scottish Wrestling Entertainment Monthly Show

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, It's one half of your Irn Bruiserweights here bringing you another Scottish Wrestling Entertainment (SWE) review so let's get into it.

The night's opening match was a singles match between Ace Anderson and Lucha DS.

The match started with Luch DS getting the upper hand with some heavy hits and getting Ace Anderson out of the ring, he had him against two different ring posts and chopped Ace Anderson's chest, Ace Anderson tried to get his own back on Lucha DS by putting him against the post to shop him but Lucha DS moved so Ace Anderson hit his hand off the ring post. Lucha Then held Ace Anderson's arms back behind his back and let kids in the front row hit Ace Anderson, they got back in the ring and Lucha DS hit some high-flying moves but Ace Anderson was just too powerful and got the win via pinfall.

I thought this was a good first match, the crowd were into it and Lucha DS getting the crowd involved was good as well, I look forward to seeing how this feud develops.