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Scottish Wrestling Entertainment Fast Track Rumble 23 - 25/02/23

Scottish Wrestling Entertainment Monthly Show

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, It's one half of your Irn Bruiserweights here bringing you another Scottish Wrestling Entertainment (SWE) review so let's get into it.

The night's opening match was a singles match between Ace Anderson and Lucha DS.

The match started with Luch DS getting the upper hand with some heavy hits and getting Ace Anderson out of the ring, he had him against two different ring posts and chopped Ace Anderson's chest, Ace Anderson tried to get his own back on Lucha DS by putting him against the post to shop him but Lucha DS moved so Ace Anderson hit his hand off the ring post. Lucha Then held Ace Anderson's arms back behind his back and let kids in the front row hit Ace Anderson, they got back in the ring and Lucha DS hit some high-flying moves but Ace Anderson was just too powerful and got the win via pinfall.

I thought this was a good first match, the crowd were into it and Lucha DS getting the crowd involved was good as well, I look forward to seeing how this feud develops.

As Johnny Thunder was coming out Craig Forsyth disappeared out the door to then come back through the entrance with chocolate, Craig Forsyth got the match going with some heavy hits and getting Johnny Thundering in some holds, Johnny Thunder got out of the holds and managed to get on the offence where he managed to knock Craig Forsyth out the ring and then Johnny Thunder hit him with a suicide dive, Johnny thunder took a bite of Craig Forsyths chocolate and threw the rest of the chocolate bar at Craig Forsyth, Craig Forsyth got up and wasn't happy he shouted leave my chocolate alone when they where both back in the ring they both men were going for it but Johnny Thunder got the upper hand and won via Pinfall.

I thought this was a fun match and was an okay match, I would have liked to see Craig Forsyth getting the win and seeing progress into a championship match.

Just before his match Luke Aldridge was presented with a new SWE World Heavyweight Championship with the old one being stolen from Alpha Male at the previous show.

The Third Match was for the SWE World Heavyweight Championship Match with the Champion Luke Aldridge V Scotty Riccio from Endeavour with Hugo Harris and Jay the Jackal at ringside.

Before the match started the referee checked Scotty Riccio gear and in different areas he pulled out different things that Scotty Riccio could use as a weapon, The bell finally went to start the match and Scotty Riccio went out the ring, he was on the apron away to come in the ring when Luke Aldridge pulled the rope to flip Scotty Riccio in the ring, Both men echanged shots back and forth, after a while Scotty Riccio get the upper hand due to his endeavour team mates getting invloved behind the referees back by choking Luke Aldridge using the rope and Jay the Jackal getting in the ring to help Scorry Riccio, Luke Aldridge managed to get himself in the match and get the upper hand, as Luke Aldridge went for the pin Jay the Jackal and Hugo Harris pulled the referee out the ring so the referee ejected both them from ring side, this helped Luke Aldrige stay on the offence and finish the match strong, Winner of the match by pinfall and STILL your SWE World Heavyweight Champion Luke Aldridge.

I thought this was a very good match with both men giving it their all and both men showing they wanted the championship, the crowd where behind the match to cheer for both men.

The main event of the evening was the Rumble for the Fast Track Briefcase which gives you a Title shot at any time.

There were 15 men in this rumble with 5 men already having been in a match earlier in the match, the match started with Hugo Harris and Scotty Riccio being numbers 1 and 2 they pretended to lock up but hugged instead and just waited till person number 3 came in which was Craig Forsyth, Craig Forsyth started on the front foot but Hugo Harris and Scotty Riccio started to get the upper hand until number 4 came in who was Brian Christie who helped Craig Forsyth, the 5th person was Rory Shaw who went after Hugo Harris and Scotty Riccio, the 6th person was Jay the Jackal who helped his Endeavour teammates, 7th person was one of the referees, Jason who tried to go for Jay the Jackal, the 8th person was Ace Anderson who was helping the team of Endeavour, the 9th person was Johnny Thunder who went after most of the wrestlers in the ring, The 10th person was David Drake who went after all the different guys from Endeavour, the 11th person was Lucha DS who only wanted to go for Ace Anderson, Hug Harris was hidding under the ring at various different points elimanating different people, the 12th peson was the returning Jam Dog who went after everyone and done a nipple cripple on Jay the Jackal, when the 13th person who was the debuting Colton Davis hugo came out from under the ring and had not realised Colton Davis was not in the ring yet so Colton Davis threw him back in the ring before he got in and started hitting everyone that was still in the ring, the 14th person was onld GM Grue who went round the ring stretching and not wanting to get in the ring he was beside the entrance was as the last person endered who was current GM Bravehart who attached Grue out the ring and had the fans hit Grue in the chest before he through him in the ring, it was back and fourth till the final 4 who consisted of Hugo Harris, Rory Shaw, Jay the Jackal and Johnny Thunder, Rory Shaw was eliminated by Hugo harris leaving the last 3, Hugo Harris and Jay the Jackal tried to eliminated Johnny Thunder but Rory Shaw helped him stay in the match for Johnny Thunder to elimanted Jay the Jackal for the final 2 to be Hugo Harris and Johnny Thunder, both Hugo Harris and Johnny Thunder where on the apron on the outside hitting each other trying to knock each other off, Hugo Harris fell back in the ring and Scotty Riccio and Jay the Jackal pulled Johnny Thunder off the apron, The Winner of the Fast Track Rumble is Hugo Harris,

Number order and who eliminated them:

1 - Hugo Harris - Winner

2 - Scotty Riccio - Eliminated by David Drake

3 - Craig Forsyth - Eliminated by Jay the Jackal

4 - Brian Christie - Eliminated by Jay the Jackal

5 - Rory Shaw 0 Eliminated by Hugo Harris

6- Jay the Jackal - Eliminated by Johnny Thunder

7 - Jason - Eliminated by Scotty Riccio

8 - Ace Anderson - Eliminated by Lucha DS

9 - Johnny Thunder - Eliminated by Scotty Riccio and Jay the Jackal

10 - David Drake - Eliminated by Scotty Riccio

11 - Lucha DS - Eliminated by Ace Anderson

12 - Jam Dog - Eliminated by Scotty Riccio and Jay the Jackal

13 - Colton Davis - Eliminated by Jay the Jackal

14 - Grue - Eliminated by Bravehart

15 - Bravehart - Eliminated by Hugo Harris and Jay the Jackal

Overall I thought the right person won and I thought the crowd where in to it. I thought when it was down to final 2 it went on a lil longer than it should have.

overall I thought it was a decent show and the next show is 1st April


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