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Samoa Joe Says He Will Be At AEW All In, Wonders If He’ll Face Zack Sabre Jr. At The Event

Samoa Joe has confirmed that he will be at AEW All In London

Samoa Joe spoke about next month’s historic event from Wembley Stadium during a recent interview on the Battleground podcast, where he pitched potentially clashing with British superstar Zack Sabre Jr.

It might be (Wembley Stadium could be the stage for Zack Sabre Jr. & I to battle it out) but Zack, he’s home, right? Does he really want that to happen to him in his backyard? Mum can finally make it out for the matches and I smear you all over the canvas. Do you really wanna ruin Christmas? That’s all I’m really saying here because it’s gonna be awkward coming out of summertime and you can’t walk right. It’s just me, you know? If I’m thinking about the family events and how I wanna arrange this and I’m Zack, I’m like, eh, maybe not the best time to really go after Joe so yeah, we’ll see.

Regardless of Samoa Joe’s opponent, Samoa Joe says he will be at the event and is going to cause a “bad night” for somebody. He later jokes that he doesn’t want it to be someone local so they can grab a pint of beer afterward.

I know I’m gonna be there and somebody’s gonna have a bad night but hopefully it’s not one of the local boys, you know? Because we all wanna have a pint afterwards. Call it kissing cousins and just walk away from it okay, right? No big deal. Everybody is friends and family.

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