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Samantha Irvin Shares How Lilian Garcia Helped Inspire Her Own Career

Samantha Irvin’s career in WWE may have never gotten started if not for the inspiration of former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia.

During a recent episode of the “Out of Character” podcast, Irvin spoke highly of Garcia, who debuted in WWE in 1999. She said,

“She was the first person that made me realize, there can be singing in wrestling. She just got up and sang the national anthem acapella on live TV. I was in seventh grade and I was mindblown, so I love Lillian. I used to always joke to my friends, ‘You know one day I’m gonna be Lillian Garcia.’

“When I met her, it was just warm fuzziness and happiness when I met her, it was such a wonderful day. She gave me great advice and she gave me good feedback, she said I was doing a good job.


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