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Royal Rumble 2012: Sheamus' Swift Victory and the Royal Rumble's Dynamic Matches

Date: January 29, 2012

Location: Scottrade Center - St. Louis, Missouri

The Rumble Match:

Entrants and Eliminations:

1. The Miz (Entry #1, eliminated by Big Show)

2. Alex Riley (Entry #2, eliminated by The Miz)

3. R-Truth (Entry #3, eliminated by The Miz)

4. Cody Rhodes (Entry #4, eliminated by Big Show)

5. Justin Gabriel (Entry #5, eliminated by Mick Foley and Ricardo Ridriguez)

6. Primo (Entry #6, eliminated by Mick Foley)

7. Mick Foley (Entry #7, eliminated by Cody Rhodes)

8. Ricardo Rodriguez (Entry #8, eliminated by Santino Marella)

9. Santino Marella (Entry #9, eliminated by Cody Rhodes)

10. Epico (Entry #10, eliminated by Mick Foley)

11. Kofi Kingston (Entry #11, eliminated by Sheamus)

12. Jerry Lawler (Entry #12, eliminated by Cody Rhodes)

13. Ezekiel Jackson (Entry #13, eliminated by The Great Khali)

14. Jinder Mahal (Entry #14, eliminated by The Great Khali)

15. The Great Khali (Entry #15, eliminated by Cody Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler)

16. Hunico (Entry #16, eliminated by Kharma)

17. Booker T (Entry #17, eliminated by Cody Rhodes and Dolpg Ziggler)

18. Dolph Ziggler (Entry #18, eliminated by Big Shie)

19. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Entry #19, eliminated by Cody Rhodes)

20. Michael Cole (Entry #20, eliminated by Jerry Lawler and Booker T)

21. Kharma (Entry #21, eliminated by Dolph Ziggler)

22. Sheamus (Entry #22, Winner)

23. Road Dogg (Entry #23, eliminated by Wade Barrett)

24. Jey Uso (Entry #24, eliminated by Randy Orton)

25. Jack Swagger (Entry #25, eliminated by Big Show and Sheamus)

26. Wade Barrett (Entry #26, eliminated by Randy Orton)

27. David Otunga (Entry #27, eliminated by Chris Jericho)

28. Randy Orton (Entry #28, eliminated by Chris Jericho)

29. Chris Jericho (Entry #29, eliminated by Sheamus)

30. Big Show (Entry #30, eliminated by Randy Orton)

Thoughts on the Match:

Sheamus' surprising early entry and swift victory showcased the unpredictability of the Royal Rumble, setting the tone for a dynamic match.

Full Event Card:

1. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Heath Slater (Yoshi Tatsu wins)

2. Daniel Bryan vs. Mark Henry vs. Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship (Daniel Bryan retains)

3. Beth Phoenix, Natalya and The Bella Twins vs. Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox, Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly (Beth Phoenix, Natalya and The Bella Twins wins)

4. John Cena vs. Kane (Double Count-out)

5. Brodus Clay vs. Drew McIntyre (Brodus Clay wins)

6. CM Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler for the WWE Championship (CM Punk retains)

7. The Royal Rumble Match (Winner: Sheamus)

Highlights and Aftermath:

- Sheamus' victory fueled speculation about his potential WrestleMania opponent, creating anticipation for the Road to WrestleMania.

- The dynamic nature of the Rumble match, featuring surprise entrants and unique interactions, made it a memorable edition.

Impact on Storylines:

- Sheamus' Royal Rumble win propelled him into the World Heavyweight Championship picture, leading to a significant WrestleMania moment.

- The tension between John Cena and Kane continued, setting the stage for further developments in their rivalry.


The 2012 Royal Rumble delivered an entertaining mix of surprises, storytelling, and dynamic in-ring action. Sheamus' quick and decisive victory left fans speculating about his WrestleMania aspirations, adding excitement to the WWE landscape.


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