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Royal Rumble 2004: The Benoit Triumph and an Epic Showdown

Date: January 25, 2004

Location: Wachovia Center - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Rumble Match:

Entrants and Eliminations:

1. Chris Benoit (Entry #1, Winner)

2. Randy Orton (Entry #2, eliminated by Mick Foley)

3. Mark Henry (Entry #3, eliminated by Chris Benoit)

4. Tajiri (Entry #4, eliminated by Rhyno and Mark Henry)

5. Bradshaw (Entry #5, eliminated by Chris Benoit)

6. Rhyno (Entry #6, eliminated by Chris Benoit)

7. Matt Hardy (Entry #7, eliminated by Rebe Dupree)

8. Scott Steiner (Entry #8, eliminated by Booker T)

9. Matt Morgan (Entry #9, eliminated by Chris Benoit)

10. The Hurricane (Entry #10, eliminated by Matt Morgan)

11. Booker T (Entry #11, eliminated by Randy Orton)

12. Kane (Entry #12, eliminated by Booker T and Entrance The Undertaker)

13. Spike Dudley (Entry #13, eliminated by Kane)

14. Rikishi (Entry #14, eliminated by Randy Orton)

15. Rene Dupree (Entry #15, eliminated by Rikishi)

16. A-Train (Entry #16, eliminated by Chris Benoit)

17. Shelton Benjamin (Entry #17, eliminated by Randy Orton)

18. Ernest Miller (Entry #18, eliminated by Randy Orton)

19. Kurt Angle (Entry #19, eliminated by Big Show)

20. Rico (Entry #20, eliminated by Randy Orton)

21. Mick Foley (Entry #21, eliminated by Randy Orton)

22. Christian (Entry #22, eliminated by Chris Jericho)

23. Nunzio (Entry #23, eliminated by Goldberg)

24. Big Show (Entry #24, eliminated by Chris Benoit)

25. Chris Jericho (Entry #25, eliminated by Big Show)

26. Charlie Haas (Entry #26, eliminated by Goldberg)

27. Billy Gunn (Entry #27, eliminated by Goldberg)

28. John Cena (Entry #28, eliminated by Big Show)

29. Rob Van Dam (Entry #29, eliminated by Big Show)

30. Goldberg (Entry #30, eliminated by Kurt Angle and Brock Lesner)

31. Brock Lesner (Entry #31 Disqualified)

Thoughts on the Match:

The 2004 Royal Rumble saw Chris Benoit's historic victory from the number one spot, and the final four showdown between Benoit, Big Show, Kurt Angle, and John Cena was a gripping moment.

Full Event Card:

1. Victoria vs. Molly Holly (Victoria wins)

2. Evolution vs. Dudley Boyz (Evolution wins)

3. Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble for the Cruiserweight Championship (Rey Mysterio wins)

4. Eddie Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero (Eddie Guerrero retains)

5. Brock Lesnar vs. Hardcore Holly for the WWE Championship (Brock Lesnar retains)

6. Triple H vs. Shawn Micheals for World Heavyweight Championship (Triple H retains)

5. The Royal Rumble Match (Winner: Chris Benoit)

Highlights and Aftermath:

- Chris Benoit's remarkable performance and eventual victory added a significant chapter to his career.

- The final four sequences, including the surprise return of The Big Show, created suspense and excitement.

Impact on Storylines:

- Chris Benoit's victory set the stage for his journey to WrestleMania XX, where he would pursue the World Heavyweight Championship.

- The Royal Rumble marked the continued evolution of rising stars like Randy Orton, John Cena, and Batista.


The 2004 Royal Rumble is a historic event, marked by Chris Benoit's unforgettable triumph and the intense battles that shaped the course of WWE's narrative. The final four showdowns and the overall excitement made this Rumble match a pivotal moment in wrestling history.


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