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Royal Rumble 1998: Chaos Reigns as Legends Collide in the Path to WrestleMania

Date: January 18, 1998

Location: San Jose Arena - San Jose, California

The Rumble Match:

Entrants and Eliminations:

1. Cactus Jack (Entry #1, eliminated by Chainsaw Charlie)

2. Chainsaw Charlie (Entry #2, eliminated by Mankind)

3. Tom Brandi (Entry #3, eliminated by Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie)

4. The Rock (Entry #4, eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin)

5. Mosh (Entry #5, eliminated by Kurrgan)

6. Phineas I. Godwinn (Entry #6, eliminated by Mark Henry)

7. 8-Ball (Entry #7, eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin)

8. Blackjack Bradshaw (Entry #8, eliminated by Dude Love)

9. Owen Hart (Entry #9, eliminated by Chyna and Triple H)

10. Steve Blackman (Entry #10, Kurrgan)

11. D-Lo Brown (Entry #11, eliminated by Faarooq)

12. Kurrgan (Entry #12, eliminated by 8-Ball, Bradshaw, Ken Shamrock, Chainsaw Charlie, Phinease I. Godwinn and The Rock)

13. Marc Mero (Entry #13, eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin)

14. Ken Shamrock (Entry #14, eliminated by The Rock)

15. Thrasher (Entry #15, eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin)

16. Mankind (Entry #16, eliminated by The Artist Formely Known as Goldust)

17. The Artist Formely Known as Goldust (Entry #17, eliminated by Chainz)

18. Jeff Jarrett (Entry #18, eliminated by Owen Hart)

19. The Honky Tonk Man (Entry #19, eliminated by Vader)

20. Ahmed Johnson (Entry #20, eliminated by D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry)

21. Mark Henry (Entry #21, eliminated by Farooq)

22. Skull (Entry #22, Unable to compete due to injury)

23. Kama Mustafa (Entry #23, eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin)

24. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Entry #24, Winner)

25. Henry O. Godwinn (Entry #25, eliminated by Dude Love)

26. Savio Vega (Entry #26, eliminated by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

27. Faarooq (Entry #27, eliminated by The Rock)

28. Dude Love (Entry #28, eliminated by Faarooq)

29. Chainz (Entry #29, eliminated by Stone Cold Steve Austin)

30. Vader (Entry #30, eliminated by The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust)

Thoughts on the Match:

The 1998 Royal Rumble saw "Stone Cold" Steve Austin defy the odds once again, but this time, controversy and chaos reigned supreme, setting the stage for a heated path to WrestleMania.

Full Event Card:


1. Vader vs. The Artist Formerly Known as Goldust (Vader)

2. Max Mini, Mosaic, and Nova vs. Battalion, El Torito, and Tarantula (Max Mini, Mosaic, and Nova win)

3. The Rock vs. Ken Shamrock (The Rock wins)

4. The Legion of Doom vs. The New Age Outlaws (The Legion of Doom wins)

5. The Royal Rumble Match (Winner - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin)

6. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker (Shawn Michaels wins)

Highlights and Aftermath:

- The confrontation between "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Mike Tyson outside the ring added a layer of unpredictability to the Rumble match.

- The ongoing tension between The Rock and Ken Shamrock reached a boiling point during their intense one-on-one encounter.

Impact on Storylines:

- "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's victory, despite the controversy surrounding his elimination, fueled his rebellious persona and intensified his feud with Vince McMahon.

- The clashes between various superstars in the Rumble match planted seeds for future rivalries and alliances on the road to WrestleMania.


The 1998 Royal Rumble will be remembered for its chaotic nature, controversial moments, and the unyielding spirit of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. As legends collided, the event set the stage for a tumultuous journey to WrestleMania, shaping the landscape of WWE for months to come.


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