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Road Dogg Hopes To Do WWE Commentary Before He’s Too Old

WWE’s Senior VP of Live Events ‘Road Dogg’ Jesse James would love one last chance to perform on camera

On-screen, Jesse James is best known for his roles with the New Age Outlaws and DX and is a former Intercontinental, Tag Team, and Hardcore Champion.

On the latest edition of his “Oh You Didn’t Know” podcast, the Hall of Famer Jesse James said that he hopes to take a stab at commentating while there is still time. He said,

“I think I’m pretty good at talking. I would love, before I get too old, to do commentary. I would love to do the kickoff [panel for WWE PLEs].” 

Jesse James appreciated his skills on the microphone, calling his talents a “great gift that’s been given to me.”

Several wrestlers have turned to commentary after their in-ring careers have ended, including the likes of JBL and current NXT broadcaster Booker T.


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