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Recent AEW signee Ric Flair revealed that he is ‘delighted’ by being asked for match critiques from talent but doesn’t just give out advice.

Touting the amount of experience in the industry he has, Flair revealed that he didn’t really offer advice ‘too much anymore’ because people can be rather sensitive.

However, Flair has been overjoyed at being asked recently by a talent to watch a match and give a critique.

Ric Flair said:

“I don’t really do that too much anymore because, if you want to know the truth, and it’s sad, but I think it’s the same way in not just wrestling, but in other sports, the kids, the younger generation looks more at what the fans are saying. Social media, and they are sensitive.

“Everybody is sensitive and it’s hurtful, but I quit giving advice when somebody asked me something and then I saw them walk over and ask someone 20 years younger the same question.

“I’m only going to tell them once, if they ask, and they really don’t ask.

“People still ask me to watch their match and give my critiques, I do that. I’m delighted when someone asks me that.

“Someone just asked me last week. I love to help them out. I’ve had so much experience and wrestle so many different personalities, different body types, different styles, and I’m honored when they ask me that and I like to give them advice.”

Ric Flair has recently stirred up some controversy amongst AEW fans regarding his signing with the company.


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