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ReviewsEmpire Pro Wrestling Defying the Odds Review

Real Rasslin readers welcome to the first ever review of Empire Pro Wrestling (EPW) out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This amazing promotion is a mix of good old NWA style action mixed with the extreme of ECW. This review is about their most recent show “Defying the Odds” which was held in Shawnee, Oklahoma and was a benefit for the Oklahoma Hardcore Legend Kareem Sadat. All proceeds from the event went to Kareem’s family. Additionally all the wrestlers who participated volunteered for the show because Kareem Sadat is family and that brotherhood is a central part to the wrestling industry.

The show opened with Corttni Sadat entering the ring surrounded by the wrestlers, managers,and referrees to give an update on her husband. Cortni informed the crowd that Kareem has been fighting and in the hospital since 15 February 2022 but is in stable condition. However, his battle is far from over and asked for prayers and other good thoughts. One of the mainstays of the promotion Drake Gallows was then handed the mic. He reminded all that Kareem was pivotal in helping establish EPW as part of the Brothers of Hardcore. He ended it with saying “Don’t give up on him” the mantra of the night is #fightlikekareem.

The opening contest was a title for title bout for two Majestic Championship Wrestling belts featuring Skidz the 24/7 on Call Champion versus Nashoba the Majestic Championship Heavyweight Champion. Neither of the championships are featured in EPW often, however, due to the night being for Kareem both men put them on the line. The 24/7 on Call Championship is similar to the WWE 24/7 Championship and can be won or lost at any time. Nashoba started the match with a little trash talk telling Skidz he wouldn’t be winning his title. The two men tied up, Skidz was able to get a rear waistlock on Nashoba and take him down with a mat return. Followed by a flatliner for a one count. Skidz quickly climbed to the top as Nashoba was recovering and delivered a flying shoulder tackle. Trying to put the match away quickly Skidz pinned but only two. This prompted Skidz to tell the ref that no it was a three. This would turn into a defining mistake as from that point on it was all Nashoba with quick strikes and a quicker roll up for the win. Nashoba is now both the Majestic Heavyweight Champion and 24/7 on Call Champion. However, remember how the 24/7 on Call Championship has the same defense rules as the 24/7 title in the WWE? Well, Skidz did. While Nashoba was celebrating his win Skids rolled him up to regain the title.