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A recently departed WWE star has now spoken out after having a crazy last week as they transition back into taking independent bookings.

While WWE cut a host of talent in September 2023 two talent that had previously asked to be released in April 2023 yet were denied were NXT’s Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid.

Continuing along in the company, the pair were in an NXT faction named Schism with Joe Gacy and Ava until their contracts expired in October 2023.

However the duo is potentially more well known for their former tag team name, the Grizzled Young Veterans from previous work in Progress and NXT UK.

Now that they are officially free agents after the expiration of their contracts, Zack Gibson and James Drake have returned to bookings, releasing a series of intriguing vignettes on social media.

With plenty of buzz around them online, now James Drake has commented on the wild week as well as his gratitude for the support.

Drake wrote alongside a photo of the pair:

“The support this past week has been crazy but I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve had mixed emotions.

“Should we do this?

“Is this the right move?

“What if nobody wants it?

“Betting on yourself is scary. But if you put in the work it’ll pay off. You only live once.

“Thank you.”


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