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Bryan Danielson suffered an orbital bone injury on the October 21 2023 episode of AEW Collision in his match against Andrade.

While he was able to wrestle on the October 25 episode of AEW Dynamite, teaming with Claudio Castagnoli in a match against Kazuchika Okada and Orange Cassidy, he has since been added to the injured list.

On the October 28 episode of Collision, Castagnoli cut a promo giving a storyline angle of the injury being caused by Okada and Cassidy.

Dave Meltzer was able to clarify the timetable of events the F4W Online Daily Update, writing:

“Regarding the story earlier today by Justin Barasso of Sports Illustrated that the injury to Bryan Danielson actually took place against Andrade on Collision and not in the tag match last Wednesday, we’ve been told that is accurate.

That would mean he actually worked a match on Wednesday with the injury and his selling at the end was planned to use the injury in storyline to involve Orange Cassidy and Kazuchika Okada.

“No word on how long Danielson will be out of action. But they were originally hopeful that the injury wouldn’t require surgery.”

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer shared further details of the injury, saying:

Alvarez “Bryan Danielson was in fact not hurt last Wednesday. But he was hurt in the Andrade match (the Saturday before), and went into last Wednesday’s match with a broken orbital bone.”

Meltzer: “He went in with a black eye, They didn’t know how serious it was, but obviously he worked on it, and they shot the angle to take him out during the match. So the injury took place when they bonked heads, it was a total, basically a fluke. Just one of those things. Wasn’t like he got hit too hard or anything. Andrade was doing a spinning elbow and Danielson’s head was in one place, and his head was in a place, and they bonked heads.”

Sports Illustrated reported that he is likely to be out for the rest of the year, though could return for AEW Worlds End on December 30, if he is healthy enough to do so.

The report would also note that another priority for Danielson is a “career highlight” match against Okada at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom on January 4, 2024.

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