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Raw 8/14/23

Well Jamie is out this week so I get to do the drinking game associated with writing the Raw review.

Sami Zayn defeated JD McDonagh via the Helluva Kick.

During the match JD McDonagh focused on the injured arm of Sami Zayn. Finn Balor did come out for a distraction that did not work. The format of this match was very much the same as a Darby Alin, Jungle Boy, or Orange Cassidy match where one big move by an underdog wins the match. After the match Finn Balor attempted to attack but was unsuccessful. I feel like this is a very far drop for Balor from battling for the title just a few weeks ago. To paraphrase Kurt Angle it would not be surprising if Finn Balor left the WWE for another promotion.

Chad Gable wins via Pinfall against Giovani Vinci thanks to Chaos Theory

This match was mostly about Gunther on commentary setting up the potential feud on Alpha Academy and Imperium. Also allowed for the set up of the next match...

Gunther defeated Otis with a powerbomb.

After the match a backstage segment with the Judgement Day. Rhea had to stop Priest and Balor from bickering. Supposedly they are the most dominate faction and no one is afraid of them.

Drew McIntyre and Matt Riddle defeat Viking Raiders. Erik takes the Claymore for the win.

Matt Riddle really took the beating in this match. The combo of Matt Riddle and Drew McIntyre looks to be a on going thing. New Day challenged them to a match next week. The Riddle/McIntyre combo can make for an interesting story once Randy Orton returns.

Rhea Ripley defeats Indi Hartwell via the Riptide.

Nothing of not for this match. It just seems like a way to get a females match on the card. It is followed by a series of promos by Nakamura and Miz. Nakamura is entering the title picture.

Becky Lynch has a count out draw with Trish Stratus.

This is a fresh finish for WWE. Although NJPW just did this during their G1 tournament. The ladies battled into the crowd for the double count out. I am enjoying this feud between Trish and Becky. A back stage segment after this match sets up Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus in a steel cage match.

Cody defeats Finn Balor with a Cross Rhodes.

Good back and forth action by two great athletes. The finish showed lots of interference by Judgement day. After the match Sami and JD McDonough came out to save Cody Rhodes from the beat down but receives one themselves.

Judgement Day stands tall at the end.

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