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Progress Presents Wrestle Tours Mania Extravaganza!

This year Progress Wrestling goes back to the USA and is HERE with an amazing offer for the show of shows WrestleMania 2023!

With Wrestlemania now being over two nights, who doesn’t want to enjoy the view with a special VIP Suite, interaction with some incredible Progress Wrestling Special Guests to enjoy the show with and to top it all off FOOD & DRINK INCLUDED (You can tell our priorities!)

All this fantastic bundle for a great price of £899 or for our American friends $1099 per person!

How do we go about booking we hear you ask? Simply click the link here if you wish to pay in GBP and click the link here if you wish to pay in dollars. It really is that simple!

Look out for more INCREDIBLE experiences with Wrestle Tours in the not-so-distant future!


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