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Potential WWE Signing CANNOT JOIN Company Until 2024

The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest developments surrounding a potential new WWE signing, but it seems fans will have to wait a bit longer to see the new talent in the ring.

Reports have emerged that NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion Giulia, who has caught the eye of WWE scouts, is under contract until March 2024 and she cannot join the company until then.

WWE: The Contractual Landscape

Giulia’s current contract with NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling) and its parent company Bushiroad presents a significant barrier to her immediate participation in WWE events.

Despite the interest from WWE, any movement on this front is stalled until her obligations in NJPW are fulfilled. This situation underscores the often complex and binding nature of wrestling contracts, which can significantly impact a wrestler’s career trajectory.

WWE’s Interest in Giulia

The interest in Giulia is not new; WWE has been keeping an eye on her since 2019, according to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

However, the intensity of this interest has ramped up recently, leading to speculation about her future with the company.

WWE’s scouting and talent development system is always on the lookout for exceptional talent, and Giulia’s prowess in the ring has placed her on their radar.

The Road Ahead for Giulia

While the contractual situation is clear, the future beyond March 2024 is less so.

Giulia has a verbal commitment in Japan following the end of her contract, but as with many verbal agreements, the details are not set in stone.

This leaves a window of opportunity for WWE to potentially secure her talents once she is a free agent.

WWE’s Global Talent Search

WWE’s global search for talent has seen them sign wrestlers from various backgrounds and countries, reflecting the company’s commitment to diversity and excellence in the ring.

The potential addition of Giulia would be a continuation of this strategy, bringing in a wrestler with a strong following and a proven track record in Japan.


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