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We at Real Rasslin can confirm that

Actual pirates delayed the WWE Elimination Chamber transport plans as the wrestling company journeyed to Perth, Australia.

As the WWE Elimination Chamber Press Event kicked off last night (February 22), an intriguing detail was noted in the opening package.

While describing the tribulations going into making the trek to Perth, Australia for the event, a wild real world story.

Michael Cole said:

“A structure which took over a month to get here. Originally it was supposed to ship through the Suez Canal, but pirates ended those plans. So it was sent to Miami, transported via truck to Los Angeles, taken by ship to Sydney, and then by train to Perth.”

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The structure did indeed arrive despite the turbulent travels and was shown being erected, noted as weighing over 10 tons.

Elsewhere on the Elimination Chamber press event, Grayson Waller appeared in his home country in front of a delighted crowd of Australian WWE fans.

Cheering the normally heelish character of Waller, even he pointed out how he wasn’t used to receiving such a reception.

During the press event, a segment honoring Australia’s Indigenous history with several stars visiting a koala farm and witnessing a ceremony.

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