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On Tonight's Dynamite Did RVD win the FTW Title? Check out that result and much more

This show started with the JAS mandatory meeting. Chris Jericho entered separately. Introduced by Matt Menard. If you notice in the promotional material above Anna Jay is no longer Anna JaySA. Is this a preview of the demise to be brought forth this meeting? Sammy Guevara has a Inner Circle patch on his vest. Daniel Garcia talks about how he changed for Jericho choosing him. Yet, Jericho does not choose him. Daniel Garcia walks out of the JAS. Hager takes the mic and comments about the long relationship before leaving the ring he "does not appreciate Jericho". Next two to quit are Tay Conti and Anna Jay. Angelo Parker and Matt Menard are the next two to leave. Sammy Guevara was left in the ring with Jericho. Sammy mentioned how he has had Jericho's back this entire time. He is loyal and he will not walk out on Jericho. Sammy told Jericho that when Chris Jericho gets his stuff worked out he might be here.

This is a match that I am not excited about. It is only the third two on two tag match that the Young Bucks has had in a year. Jeff looks good in the beginning of the match. According to Tony Schiavone this is the first time this match has occurred on live television. The two teams first faced off in 2014. The Bucks get a close count off a 3D. The Hardys with stereo Twist of Fates. A Super Kick to stop a will o' wisp was nice. Winner the Young Bucks after a BTE Trigger. The two teams show some respect after the match by shaking hands. The Young Bucks officially accepts FTR's challenge for All In.

A vignette of Cole and MJF celebrating their match at All In aired. I am almost positive Cameron Stewart had a cameo on this segment.

I met RVD this past weekend. Him and I talked about his surprise appearance last week. He told me it has been 22 years since he used this theme song. I was not an ECW fan back then due to ease of access but this was a cool note during our conversation. Jack Perry jumps starts the match. Another aspect about our conversation and RVD is putting is showing it tonight is he does not feel old. I may have accidentally insinuated he was old by saying how ECW and Attitude Era Nostalgia is big now. Back to the action on the TV, RVD delivers a massive spinning leg drop onto Jack Perry who is stretched across the barricade. Jack Perry attempted a rolling thunder as we come back from commercial break. RVD does a rolling thunder onto a chair. RVD tried for a split legged moonsault but it looked like he might have had to delay for Jack Perry to move. Jack Perry is playing defense. That was a weird way for him to go on the table. 5 star frog splash but the ref is down so no victory. Jack Perry retained the title after a low blow.

MJF and Adam Cole were live tonight in the arena. Playful on a may God strike him down by MJF. Now it is time for story time with Adam Cole Bay Bay. MJF takes this a promo battle. Adam Cole instead wanted to challenge Aussie Open for the RoH tag championships on zero hour. Enter Roderick Strong and his mistrusting MJF portion of the story. Has Roderick Strong rejoined the Kingdom? Issued ensure with MJF and Adam because of this. Cole and MJF hug it out.

BCC entered during commercial break. Penta El Zero Meido has his Joker attire on. I noticed as the pyro is going off for Lucha Bros the microphone Roderick Strong dropped is still there. The action to start the match is good. However, as I have said in the past too much good high paced action by these guys makes it less impressive. The military press into the cutter was nice. I could see it being a finisher for a team. Rey Phoenix does good at taking the beatings from people as he can sell even without the use of his face. A good Luchador trait. Rey showed his flexibility in escaping the dooms day device. Penta and Mox exchange some hard looking chops. The Lucha Bros did a very poor looking assisted delayed pile driver. You could tell that Rey Phoenix was already down before Penta executed the move. Mox and Cesaro win after removing Penta's mask. A beat down ensures after the bell.

Marves catches Omega as he is exiting the building. Next week we will see a sit down of Omega with JR to talk about Kenny Omega's future and what he will be doing at Wembley.

We heard from Swerve Strickland about why he did what he did last week. AR Fox is still carrying around the bloody shirt of Nick Wayne. Supposedly Mogul Embassy put the fear of god into Nick. That was the sole purpose of going back to Seattle. AR Fox wastes no time and calls out Darby Alin. Darby comes out hot but does not attack. Lights go out as Darby says he has friends. Only Sting comes out and beats down the Mogul Embassy with a bat. Sting points the bat at the All In sign. Will we get Nick Wayne, Darby Alin, and Sting against the Mogul Embassy at Wembley? No but it will be Darby and Sting against Swerve and AR Fox in a coffin match.

For the second week in a row the women main event Dynamite. Anna is accompanied to the ring by 2point0. Unfortunately I feel like Shida is a transition champion. After the announcement of the fatal four way at Wembley, I think this may be a way for Saraya to win the title. After interference from 2point0 Anna almost wins the match. Shida climbed to the top rope to break the Queenslayer. Paul Turner counts a three as Angelo Parker was in trying to rouse Anna.


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