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"Oh, Saturday night's alright for fighting" - AEW Collision - 17-06-2023 - Review




In the words of Elton John, “Oh, Saturday night's alright for fighting”

I am your host, the ever loving, ever hated, EVER DISREPECTED Real Rasslin’ Owner, Director and ALL AROUND ELITE, Nathan Sinclair!

Lets get into it then with some Cult of Personality!

Unsurprisingly, CM Punk entered the ring at the beginning of the first Collision episode to a thunderous standing ovation. He said right away that he was sick of being polite. He claimed that he loves the audience because they accept him for who he is.

He repeatedly made overt allusions to The Elite in his promo. If CM Punk and The Elite can work together, there is a lot of money to be made. This was typical CM Punk. Punk spoke just long enough to make his return significant without taking up the most of the first hour.

But we came here for fighting and this first match… IT’S A FIGHT!

Wardlow vs. Luchasaurus

To start the match, Wardlow and Luchasaurus immediately started attempting to overwhelm one another. They left the ring quickly, which prompted Christian to intervene on behalf of Luchasaurus.

We saw a lot of power moves and power counters because this was a match between two of AEW's strongest wrestlers. No one will describe this as a technical masterpiece, but if you enjoy watching huge, meaty men slap meat, you'll enjoy it.

Christian did an outstanding job portraying the agitated heel ringside manager. Christian got involved just as Wardlow was about to win after hitting a swanton. For an unexpected victory, Luchasaurus whacked the champion with a camera from behind and covered him.

I’m sorry what just happened now?

The new TNT champion is Luchasaurus, but Christian was the one holding it up like he had won… is a rift going to form?

Could we…could we get a return of Jungle Express? Am I deluded and should go to sleep already?

Lets move on shall we…

Buddy Matthews vs. Andrade El Idolo

In a match with Buddy Matthews of The House of Black, Andrade El Idolo made his comeback on AEW TV. As they circled one another, the two guys appeared to be in the greatest physical condition of their life.

Andrade was receiving strong babyface reactions, so he capitalised on it by encouraging additional applause as he took the initiative.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that these two players, who are among the most athletically gifted on the roster, were competing hard the entire time.

Both men were examined by ringside doctors during the interval, but by the time the show resumed, the fighting had resumed.

During the second half of the bout, they had a spectacular series of manoeuvres before Andrade, like his wife Charlotte Flair, won with the Figure Eight. Buddy reached out to shake El Idolo's hand, but the lights went out before he could. Brody King and Malakai Black were in the ring when they turned back on.

This match not only was fantastic, but it also opened the door for a potential trios match including HOB and LFI. Every aspect of this was excellent.

Now for a man who DID MY BOY KIP WRONG!

Miro vs. Tony Nese

Tony Nese was abusing the Chicago crowd when Miro, who had been absent for a long time, finally made his long-awaited return to AEW.

Nese was able to get in some offence, so it wasn't a complete squash, but Miro primarily destroyed The Premier athlete before putting him in his adaptation of The Camel Clutch.

Particularly if you are a fan of the Bulgarian star, you will find this to be incredibly gratifying to watch. He was able to do all of his signature moves and easily won….Yay…


The Outcasts vs. Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale

The women's tag match between Toni Storm and Ruby Soho against Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale was the opening bout of this second hour.

Before the bell rang, they started fighting, and once they returned to the ring, they continued fighting. The majority of the audience supported Blue and Nightingale, especially once The Outcasts began to exert their influence.

To make this an entertaining and challenging match, all four women gave it their all. Blue was in trouble thanks to Storm and Soho, but Willow intervened and made the save, enabling Blue to win in her own backyard. Which was a really nice touch!

I am a strong support of Sky Blue, I think she has great potential and can really make a great baby face champion one day. I would say give her another 6 months to a year to establish even more as a baby face and then move the championship onto her.


What is an AEW show without the Acclaimed hey?


After Max Caster drops a few bombs

Anthony Bowens alerts us about The Acclaimed's arrival.

Daddy Ass bought a new scissor suit for himself.

Acclaimed Every Wednesday & Acclaimed Every Weekend is referred to as AEW.

Bowens emphasises how the Acclaimed became the People's Choice thanks to Chicago and how everyone adores the Acclaimed.

Chicago has a lot of scissoring going on!

And that’s it…sorry I marked out hard here and that’s the key point!

Now before we move onto the Main Event of this evening...

CMFTR vs. Samoa Joe, Jay White and Juice Robinson

First out to a HEATED Chicago crowd was Juice Robinson and Jay White before “JOE JOE JOE JOE” Samoa Joe entered in only a Samoa Joe way…

Honestly I’ve never seen that man smile!

Then the time Chicago had been waiting for...

The audience went wild as FTR and Punk finally entered the stage. To honour their hero, Bret Hart, all three of the men were dressed in pink and black clothing.

For their respective teams, Dax Harwood and White had a good exchange of rapid takedowns, blows, and counterattacks to open the fight. Prior to Punk finally joining in to a tremendous pop, Cash Wheeler and Robinson had some time to themselves.

Everyone was standing when Joe entered the room and confronted Punk. Before closing up, they had some trash talk.

Given the card they put up, this was the only match AEW could have scheduled for the main event. Punk was utilised appropriately and just enough when the crowd was at its peak. All of this was expertly orchestrated, and the six guys gave it their all.

This match was given plenty of time so that each of the six participants could shine. We definitely watched at least a few seconds of every combination of opponents working together, so there was a lot of variation.

Juice and Switchblade were holding back FTR as Joe had Punk in a rear-naked choke. Dax was set free by Cash so that he could go and stop the submission.

Robinson then took The Shatter Machine and the GTS, giving CMFTR the victory AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!

Honestly what a way to end the first show! Had some shocks, I’m look at you Luchasaurus but also had the home town heroes win!

Now how does AEW go on from here?


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