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The Big Show Reveals Which Wrestler Had The Smelliest Gear

We at Real Rasslin have come to learn.

Paul Wight, widely known as The Big Show, shared his thoughts on the olfactory challenges posed by fellow wrestlers’ ring gear. The revelation centred on his experience with Kane‘s gloves, which he described as emitting a pungent odour akin to “rancid yak meat.”

During an interview with, The Big Show didn’t mince his words when discussing the potent smell emanating from Kane’s gloves. He disclosed:

“Kane’s gloves get pretty rank. He grabs you for a chokeslam and you just want to faint. It smells like rancid friggin’ yak meat.”

Big Show revealed that it is recommended that wrestlers freeze their most foul-smelling pieces of equipment for up to a month to neutralise all the bacteria that can live on said equipment.

“It’s the sweat, it builds up real quick. Kneepads, masks, they suggest you throw them in the freezer for a month [occasionally], to kill all the bacteria.”

Who Came Up With “The Big Show” Name In WWE?

The Big Show revealed that Vince McMahon came up with his famous character name. Big Show said that when he came into the WWE he was wrestling using his real name, Paul Wight, but Vince McMahon for some reason wasn’t a fan of Big Show using his name and coined his new name. Big Show stated that he didn’t understand what a “Big Show” was and wasn’t thrilled about using his new moniker but over time grew to embrace the name change.

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