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An NXT star revealed what scared him about having an in-ring segment with Cody Rhodes on a recent edition of the show.

When NXT had a rare head-to-head outing against AEW Dynamite (as Dynamite aired on an alternate night), some of WWE’s biggest stars came to NXT and had segments with the current roster.

In a chat with Haus of Wrestling, Ilja Dragunov echoed his previous interview comments regarding the positive and inspirational energy in the locker room for the show.

Specifically mentioning what he was ‘scared’ could happen to get into the ring with Cody Rhodes, Dragunov shared his perspective.

Ilja Dragunov said:

“It was very interesting and absolutely a very special moment not only for me but also for the audience in the arena and probably for the people watching on TV.

“Because it is as I said in the promo — meeting a person in the ring who stands, in a different way, for the exact same things that you stand for, that is something that very rarely happens.

“Look at Cody Rhodes, he brings an energy, a fire, a passion to the ring in front of those arenas, in front of those people that not a lot of other people can do.

I do that too for NXT. People feel what I do, the passion, the fire I bring. This is something very similar and I mean, this moment standing me and Cody Rhodes together in one ring,

“I was scared that there was going to be an energy overload.”

Ilja Dragunov remains the NXT Champion with a big title defense coming up at night two of NXT Halloween Havoc on October 31.

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