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NXT Stand & Deliver Review

My review of NXTs Stand & Deliver Premium Live Event

WrestleMania weekend kicks off with NXT Stand and Deliver.

The Kickoff Show:

8-Person Tag Team Match for Control of Chase University – Chase U (Andre Chase, Duke Hudson, Tyler Bate & Thea Hail) vs Schism (Joe Gacy, Jagger Reid, Rip Fowler and Ava Raine)

Chase and Fowler start the match, Chase getting the better of Fowler. Fowler tags in Reid and he gets very little offence. Chase tags in Bate and he beats down Reid, hits a European Uppercut and gets a nearfall. Hudson tags in, but there appears to be a breakdown in communication between Chase U. Hail tags in and Raine enters the match but she instantly tags Gacy in before the women can come to blows. Chase enters the match and gets taken down by Gacy.

Gacy very dominant, but Chase able to fight back and tags in Bate. Hudson doesn’t seem very happy at all. Chase and Bate double team Gacy, Bate goes for a pin and gets a nearfall. Raine tags in and so does Hail. Raine getting the advantage over Hail but Hail able to come back with a flurry of strikes. Hail hits a somersault senton and a springboard. She covers Raine and gets a nearfall as well. Reid and Bate now in the match. Bate hitting Reid with some unique strikes. Fowler tags in, him and Reid double teaming Bate, hit him with a flapjack. Fowler with the advantage but Bate is able to come back and hits Fowler with a stalling vertical suplex. Gacy and Chase tag in.

Chase clears the apron of Schism and hits Gacy with a body slam. Bate tags in and hits a rebound lariat. Reid and Fowler attack Bate and send him out of the ring. Hudson has seen enough! He runs into the ring to attack Reid and Fowler, he hits a Bionic Elbow on Reid. Raine now in the ring and she hits Hudson. Hail enters the ring and tackles Raine. She hits Reid with a satellite DDT. Bate attempts a Driver 97 but Gacy counters. Hudson accidentally hits Bate with a big boot. Gacy hits a handspring lariat, goes for the pin but Chase breaks it up.

Schism now dominating Chase U. Hudson gets between Schism and Chase U. He stares down Gacy. Reid gives Gacy a Schism shirt and Hudson takes off his Chase U shirt, takes the Schism shirt from Gacy and puts it on! Schism hug Hudson. Hudson rips off the Schism shirt and both teams start brawling. Chase U take out Schism, stomping them and spelling out “Chase U” with every stomp. Hudson and Chase hit the Fratliner on Reid and get the pin. Well, that was a pretty good match. The in ring debut of Ava Raine and it was good. An enjoyable kickoff match. Grade C+