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NXT Review 06/06/23

Arran here with my review from last night's nxt let's dive in.

In-Ring Segment: Baron Corbin

Corbin says he never thought he’d walk back through NXT’s doors. When he got the call, he cleaned out his locker and never looked back. He was main-eventing PPVs while other NXT Superstars were being called up. They were hungry, but after a while, things changed. The current NXT locker room does nothing but play around on their phones and act entitled. Corbin built this place. He came through the doors tonight, and the superstars in the back can’t even look him in the eyes.

Corbin is going to make everyone here regret ever signing a WWE contract. Every single one of them is soft and weak. The NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes walks around like his stuff doesn’t stink. Hayes got a dose of main roster reality last week when Corbin took him out. Ilja Dragonuv interrupts. Dragonuv introduces himself to Corbin. Corbin says he knows who he is and wants to know what he wants. Dragonuv came out to look Corbin in the eye and tell him he isn’t soft or weak. He’s the first person in line to face Carmelo Hayes for the NXT Championship. Corbin says this is that “NXT entitlement.”

He’s wrestled at WrestleMania six times. Dragonuv doesn’t care. Corbin says he jumped the line because he could. Dragonuv challenges Corbin to a match tonight. Corbin asks if Dragonuv really wants a match after what happened to him at Battleground. Dragonuv lifts up his shirt and reveals a nasty bruise. Dragonuv says there is nothing Corbin can do to him. Corbin retorts that it’s a cute little bruise, but when he is done with Dragonuv, his body will be covered in them. Dragonuv leaves the ring. Trick Williams attacks Corbin from behind. Williams clotheslines Corbin over the top rope.

The Creed Brother and Ivy Nile vs. The Dyad and Ava Rayne

Fowler drives Julius into the corner. Reid tags in and gets slammed by Julius. Julius and Brutus work over Reid. Julius picks up Reid and deadlifts him into a delayed verticle suplex. While holding Reid, Julius tags Brutus in and hands Reid to him. Brutus walks around the ring kicking his feet as he has Reid in the suplex position. Brutus walks back over to his corner, tags in Julius, and hands Reid back. Julius squats while holding Reid in the air and finally hits the suplex.

Rayne tags in and slaps Julius. Nile rushes the ring and has a standoff with Rayne. Rayne and Nile jaw at each other. Rayne tags in Fowler. Brutus gets a blind tag and catches Fowler with an axehandle off the top. Brutus press slams Fowler and sticks a standing moonsault (that was impressive). Julius tags in, and Brutus slingshots him onto Fowler. Nile suplexes Brutus onto Fowler. Julius tosses Nile in the air, and she lands on Fowler. After the break, The Dyad is working over Brutus. Brutus manages to tag in Julius.

Julius lands a series belly to belly suplexes on Reid and Fowler. Julius suplexes Reid and Fowler at the same time. Everyone lands a big move. The only people left standing are Nile and Rayne. Nile lands a flurry of strikes. Rayne nails Nile with a spin kick. Rayne tries a suplex, but Nile reverses it into the Dragon Slayer. Reid breaks it up and gets put to sleep by Nile’s Dragon Slayer. The referee tries to get Reid out of the ring. Rayne puts on her mask and headbutts Nile. Rayne pins Nile.

Winners- The Dyad and Ava Rayne

Earlier today, Mr Stone was in a doctor’s office with Von Wagner. It’s a therapist’s office. Stone has been trying to get Wagner to pick someone to work through his issue with. Wagner has assaulted the last two therapists he has seen. Wagner doesn’t want to do this… until the Doctor walks out of the office and tells him to come in…

Dani Palmer vs. Blair Davenport

Davenport pins Palmer after a Falcon Arrow.

Winner- Blair Davenport

Baron Corbin vs. Trick Williams

Corbin lands a few strikes before choking Wiliams on the ropes. Corbin works over Williams in the corner. Williams fires back but runs right into a back elbow from Corbin. Corbin misses a splash in the corner. Williams unloads on Corbin. Dropkick by Williams. Corbin misses a clothesline. Williams blasts Corbin with a popup right hand. Corbin rolls out of the ring. After the break, Williams slams Corbin’s head into the announce table.

Williams tries a running knee, but Corbin moves out of the way. Williams’ knee slams into the announce desk. Corbin rains down punches on Williams’ injured knee. Corbin sends Williams into the ring steps, knees first. Back in the ring, Corbin spine busters Williams and immediately transitions into a single-leg crab. Williams kicks his way out of the hold. Williams lands a flurry of strikes. Corbin gets to his feet. Williams calls for his Cyclone Boot, but his knee buckles. Corbin kicks Williams in the knee and hits the End of Days for the win.

Winner- Baron Corbin

Backstage, Wes Lee wishes Mustafa Ali luck on his match tonight. Ali says they should have a match for the North American Championship at some point.

Mustafa Ali vs. Joe Gacy

Gacy turns Ali inside out with a shoulder block. Ali surprises Gacy with a ranna. Gacy dumps Ali out onto the apron. Ali tries a springboard, but Gacy pushes him while he’s in the air. Ali slams his face on the ring apron. Gacy pulls Ali back into the ring and gets a near fall. Uranage by Gacy. Ali kicks out. Gacy works over Ali. Ali pins Gacy after a 450 Splash.

Winner- Mustafa Ali

After the match, Fowler and Reid attack Ali. Tyler Bate and Wes Lee make the save.

Backstage, Briggs and Jensen are giving Fallon Henley a pep talk for the battle royal tonight. Edris Enofé and Malik Blade walk in. Enofé blames Briggs and Jensen for convincing Hank and Tank to fight each other. Now Blade wants to fight Enofé to make their bond stronger. Hank and Tank walk in and are still on cloud nine after their match. They are so much closer now. Hank, Tank, Briggs, and Jensen will go out for a beer.

They ask Blade and Enofé to join them, but they decline. Gallus barges in, and Joe Coffey dumps on Blade and Enofé. They aren’t on Gallus’ level and don’t have to play these silly games. Gallus walks off. Enofé asks Blade if they are doing this, and Blade excitedly says yes. Next week, Malik Blade vs. Edris Enofé.

Eddy Thorpe vs. Damon Kemp

After a bit of back and forth, Thorpe German suplexes Kemp in the corner. As the referee makes the count, Kemp’s foot is on the ropes. The referee counts to three.

Winner- Eddy Thorpe

Dabba-Kato vs. Scrypts

Scrypts does a backflip to avoid a clothesline. Dabba-Kato lands a big boot that also makes Scrypts do a backflip. Bearhug by Dabba-Kato. Dabba-Kato tosses Scrypts out of the ring. Scrypts tries to use the announce desk to pull himself up. Dabba-Kato chops Scrypts. Axiom appears on the ring stops. Dabba-Kato pushes him away. After a distraction from Axiom, Scrypts rolls up Dabba-Kato for the win.

Winner- Scrypts

After the match, Dabba-Kato beats down Scrypts and Axiom.

Backstage, Mustafa Ali convinces Lee to give Bate a one-on-one match for the title. Lee agrees.

Women’s Championship Number One Contender’s Battle Royal

a huge brawl breaks out. After the break, Blair Davenport walks down to the ring. Roxanne rolls out of the ring and attacks her. Perez sets up Pop Rocks, but Tatum Paxley breaks it up, eliminating herself from the battle royal. They toss Perez back into the ring, and Jacy Jayne tosses Perez over the top to eliminate her. Jayne tosses Valkeria over the top, but she skins the cat and pulls Jayne out of the ring to eliminate her.

Valkyrie starts pulling herself back up, but Cora Jade dropkicks her in the face, eliminating her. Henley back body drops Kiana James over the top to eliminate her. The final three are Dana Brooke, Henley, and Cora Jade. Henley tries to pull Brooke over the top. Jade pushes Henley over the top to eliminate her. Thea Hail reappears because she left the ring earlier but apparently went under the bottom rope. Hail dumps over Jade and Brooke at the same time for the win.

Winner and NEW Number One Contender, Thea Hail!

After the match, all of Chase U rushes to the ring to celebrate with Hail. Gulak and Dempsey watch from the stage, mockingly clapping for Hail.


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