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NWA Powerrr Review 7/11/23

This is your NWA Powerrr review. It's episode 132 and this episode is the first one following the clip show episode last week - although there were some full length matches on there if you want to go back and watch them. It has been dubbed as the Season Premier.

The opening of the episode was a recap of Kenzie Paige retaining her championship at NWA Samhain and it also included about Samantha Starr earning a championship match at a later date.

The commentary team for the evening is Joe Galli and Danny Dealz. They announce that there will be a Women’s Television Championship Match between Max the Impaler and Missa Kate. There will also be a non title match between Blunt Force Trauma and Magic, Inc. Another non title match between Kenzie Paige and Taylor Rising. There will also be a match between The Southern Six and The Heatseekers.

Match 1: The Southern Six vs The Heatseekers

A decent opening match. The Southern Six were the aggressors in the majority of the match. The Heatseekers did get some good offence in, but ultimately it was an easy win for the Southern Six and they continue on their undefeated streak. Grade C-

Interview Segment:

Kyle Davis is joined at the podium by the Southern Six. They talk about how they are undefeated and how they are selling out venues. Kerry Morton talks about how his legendary father (Ricky Morton) sold out the same venue that the Southern Six has sold out. He goes on to say that the Southern Six are the ticket sellers, they are the thrills of the NWA. They demand that on the 18th November, every person who comes to the venue, shake each of their hands and say “thank you”.

Match 2: Women’s Television Championship Match - Missa Kate vs Max the Impaler w/Father James Mitchell.

Missa Kate attempted so much offence, but none of it affected Max the Impaler. She got a glimmer of hope when she got Max down to a knee following a chop block, but the offence did not last long. In the end, Max took down Missa with a huge lariat, picking up the easy victory. A glorified squash match. Grade D

Interview Segment:

May Valentine is backstage with the King Bees (Charity King & Danni Bees). This is their NWA debut and next week, they will be taking on the Women’s World Tag Team Champions. The King Bees are very grateful for this opportunity as they have been working hard for years and they are finally getting a shot with the NWA. The King Bees tell the champions to come ready for a fight.

Interview Segment:

Kyle Davis is joined at the podium by the NWA World Heavyweight Champion EC3. EC3 successfully defended his championship at Samhain and we are then introduced to his next challenger for the title and it is Jax Dane. The two men had some back and forth words to build up to their title match on the 18th November/

Match 3: Blunt Force Trauma w/Aron Stevens vs Magic Inc. w/CJ

This was a competitive tag match. I’m not familiar with either team, but this was a good match to watch. Blunt Force Trauma are clearly the powerhouses and they showed this many times. The fact that this match ended because of some interference was unoriginal and unnecessary in my opinion - Blunt Force Trauma should not need to cheat to win given their stature and power. A standard tag match. Grade C-

After the match, Aron Stevens entered the ring, directing traffic. Blunt Force Trauma attempted to take out Magic Inc, but CJ entered the ring and hit Aron Stevens with a low blow, stopping the attack.

Interview Segment:

May Valentine is backstage and she is interviewing Chris Silvo Esq, Blake Troop, Koa Laxamana & Kallies Malia. Blake and Koa are going to be having a match, the two seem very respectful towards one another. However, Kallies isn’t fooled by Silvo selecting Blake to face Koa as he is a bigger man, but Kallies is adamant that Koa will be victorious.

Interview Segment:

Kyle Davis is joined at the podium by Pretty Empowered, the Women’s World Tag Team Champions. Pretty Empowered talk about Jazz bringing in the King Bees, saying how embarrassing it will be for Jazz when they destroy the King Bees. Pretty Empowered also brought their own security out with them.

Main Event Non Title Match: Kenzie Paige vs Taylor Rising

This was probably the best match of the night. A very competitive match with lots of back and forth. This one needs to be redone as a title match for sure as these women gelled very well together and put on a good show. It was pretty obvious with how the match progressed that the champion would come out on top in this one, but a good match nonetheless. Grade C+

After the match, it looked like Kenzie was going to attack Taylor but Natalia Markova came out to make the save.

Overall, this was an OK show. To say it was following a PPV so it is a building phase episode, it was OK. It seems very strange to me, as a newcomer to NWA Powerrr, that you cannot see the fans in attendance and there appears to be a lot of looking at the camera from most of the talent, but I suppose I will get used to that the more I watch the product. Looking forward to seeing what the talent of the NWA continue to do.

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