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NWA Powerrr Review 14/11/23

This is episode 134 of NWA Powerrr.

Match 1: NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Match - Colby Corino vs Mo Jobari

A good opening match. Before the match began, Mo Jobari offered out his hand but Colby Corino did not accept it. This was Mo Jobari’s NWA Powerrr debut. There was a lot of back and forth between both men and several pin fall attempts. It was a rather short match, but it did what it needed to do, which was keep the title on Colby Corino and introduce the NWA Powerrr audience to Mo Jobari. Grade C-

After the match, Colby Corino offered his hand to Mo Jobari, but Jobari walked away.

Interview Segment:

Kyle Davis is joined at the podium by Tiffany Nieves. Tiffany claims that she is one of a kind and tells the Women’s World Champion to keep an eye on her.

Match 2: NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship Match - Pretty Empowered vs King Bees

This was a pretty good match. To say it was the debut of the King Bees, they looked like they belonged in the title scene. Some nice back and forth and some pretty good offence from the King Bees. At points, there was the feeling that these titles could change hands, but in the end, Pretty Empowered managed to steal the victory. Grade C+

Backstage Interveiw:

May Valentine is backstage with Blunt Force Trauma. Aron Stevens challenges CJ to a match after she hit him with a low blow last week. Stevens says that he is a gentleman and would not strike a woman, so there will be rules in place and it will be grapples only. Stevens then said that the loser of the match will be made to wear a turkey suit.

Who Wants to be a Spectacular Segment:

Billy Corgan is hosting this segment. He says that he has whittled down the list of applicants.

Murcurio is the first applicant. He said that he wants to be a spectacular because everything he does is special. He also said that the more he teams with Rolando & Rush Freeman, the more ladies he can take home. He said that bow ties are for eating and not putting around his neck. He continued to talk about getting ladies. Eventually, the judges scored Murcurio a 2, 6 & 6.

Burchill is the next applicant - if that name rings a bell to you, it should. Burchill very reluctantly swivels his hips as part of the interview process. He also says that he wants to wrestle in the NWA, so if leading the Spectaculars is the way to do that, then he will do it. The judges scored Burchill a 3, 9 & 10.

Match 3: Submission Match - Blake Troop w/ Chris Silvio Esq. vs Koa Laxamana w/ Kallies

Not the best submission match. I was expecting more with both men being touted as mixed martial artists. Another very short match - which seems to be the norm for NWA Powerrr. Not much in the way of submissions, literally just the end of the match, and they weren’t really visually appealing. Grade D-

Backstage Interview:

May Valentine is backstage with Kylie Paige. Kylie will be taking on Big Momma next week and Big Momma outweighs Kylie by 100lbs. Kylie said it doesn’t matter who it is and how big they are, because she will still win. The interview was then interrupted by Magic Inc. May then asks Magic Inc their thoughts on CJ facing Aron Stevens in a Turkey Gobbler match. Magic Inc declared if Blunt Force Trauma gets involved, then it will not end well for them.

Who wants to be a Spectacular Segment:

We are back with the second half of this segment.

Tyler Midas is the next interviewee. He is eager to suck up to Rolando. The judges score him 10, 4 & 4. He didn’t have much charisma in my opinion.

The fourth and final applicant is KC Roxx. Apparently he was roommates with Rush Freeman while they were training. This seemed to be a sore spot with Rush. The judges quickly scored KC a 0, 3 & 2.

The decision is split between Burchill and Midas. The results will be announced next week.

Main Event: NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match - EC3 vs Talos.

Talos used his size advantage in the early going of the match. Talos was pretty much in control for the most part. EC3 managed to get some offence in and take the big man down and out of the ring. Daisy Kill then made his way out to the ring to help Talos. He tripped EC3 and entered the ring. Jax Dane then made his way out the ring to stop Daisy Kill. Talos then attempted a big boot into the corner but EC3 was able to move out of the way. EC3 then hit a Tornado DDT on Talos and hit the 1%er to pick up the victory and retain his championship. An OK match, but again, I was expecting more, especially with it being a championship match, but it wasn’t bad. Grade C-

Overall, an OK show. I was hoping that there would be more to some of these matches, just from how the commentators were speaking about them, but they didn't really manage to deliver. I have seen far worse wrestling though, so it wasn’t too bad. I am disappointed on the time constraints though, as I feel that this is hindering the matches.


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