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NWA POWERRR Review 12/09/23

Match 1 Dak Draper vs. Gaag The Gymp vs. Zicky Dice vs. Judias winner advances to the final

Dice and Draper take off their sunglasses then Judias attempts a pin and fails dak does

The same nd also fails Gymp was on Judias back but Judias counters.

Dak and Judias now trading blows dice get involved and then get taken out by both Judais and Dak.

Now dak Takes on Gymp then a su[erlex by dice cover and a kick out at 2.

Judias attempts a chokeslam Gagg counters and then Judais counters Dak now tries a German to Judias which he counters Gutrench by Dak to Judias goes for the cover dice breaks it up and then throws Dak out and then gets the 3 count

Official Result Zicky Dice Wins

We get a promo hyping up NWA Next PPV Samhain 28th Oct

backstage segment with the Southern six

match 2 Aj Cazana Vs Jax Dane

Both Lock Up and push to the corner Dane then does the same again Cazana blocks and starts to build a bit of an offence counter by Dane then Cazana takes over again.

Both men outside the ring salp each other a few times ref gets to a 5-count Dane gets Cazana back in the ring and takes control again.

After a few punches by Dane cazana tries a sunset flip and a counter by Dane again by cazana and does a suplex and then he runs right through Dane. then puts on his

submission and wins

Official Result Jax Dane Wins

Another Backstage Segment this time with Rick Morton

Match 3 Homcide & Joe Alonzo Vs Colby Corina &Koa Laxamana Special Guest Ref Ricky Morton

Both Homcide and Laxamana trade blows tag made by their partners now in the ring tag again to Homcide and he then takes control he goes to tag Alonzo in again but he doesn't want in.

Homicide and Alonzo both work over Laxamana and out of the ring then push a chair into him which Ricky Morton lets go.

Alonzo then gets back in the ring and takes control reversal by Laxamana then backstabber tags in Corina tags to homicide and he and Corina go at it 2 count by Corina by I felt it was a bit slow by Morton.

Tag made to Laxamana then total chaos in the ring as all 4 men ended up in the ring then a spear by Laxamana is about to get for the cover and Morton is over speaking to the person outside.

Laxamana then starts asking Morton what going on low blow by Morton to Laxamana and Alonzo then gets tagged and gets the 3-count

Official Result Hocide &Joe Alonzo Win

Match 4 Kenize Paige vs. Samantha Starr

This match was a non-title before the show started and then just before as the match was starting the commentary team announced it was now a title match.

Starr takes control of the match Paige counters back and forth by both Starr does a clothesline taking control and getting a 2 count.

counter again by Paige's double knees to the back of Starr

sleeper hold by Paige and Starr counters then does a closeline then a vertical suplex goes for the 2 count.

Paige then counters by trying a roll-up with a hand of tights only 2 count Starr Counters with a close line only for Paige to then do the Kenzie cutter 3 count and retain her title

Official Result Kenzie Paige Wins

Segment With EC3 Latimer and Kamille

Overall Thoughts was a very good show which is building towards Samhain PPV

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