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NWA POWERRR Review 10/10/23

Match 1 Nwa Tv Title Mims Vs Zicky Dice

Both Men Lockup and Dice take control by putting Mims in the corner the Ref breaks up the count Dice says welcome to TV and who's big and strong now. Dice whips Mims into the corner and does punches to the head and then showboats Mims counters and takes control.

Dice has left the ring claimed a timeout and trash talking and goes to leave Mims cuts him off and brings him back to the ring Dice counters and Hits Mims Outside the ring and the ref gets to a 4 count Mims gets back in the ring and Dice low-blows cover and a kick out of 2 by Mims.

Punches by Mims then Dice counters and gets a 2 count counter by Mims and then a 2 count by Dice. Dice now with a submission and Mims gets out of it comes off the ropes dice goes for a cover and gets a 2 count.

Closeline by Mims and BigSlam 2 count and Dice Kicks out roll up by both Dice Mims and both counter each other Final Roll up by Mims and get the 3 count and the win and new Nwas Tv Champion Mims

Official Result Mims Wins

Ec3 Cuts a Promo Saying that Kammille Is Thom Latmier Demon

Match2 The Southern 6 Vs The Spectaculars

Morton and Rondlo start the match and there is a tag and all 4 men are in the ring. Taylor and Rush are now in the ring tagged in and out by Southern six double slingshot suplex and a 2 count. Taylor counters and is able to make the tag to Morton and Morton takes control and then tags Taylor again they keep Rush in their corner and do the Grain Whistle 3 count and Southern Six Win

Official Result Southern Six Win

Match 3 Sal The Pal Vs Judias

Judais goes for the clothesline and boot but Pal counters Judias then launches Pal to the corner and runs to the corner with a big-time splash. Suplex by Judais and then shouting ME ME ME.

Another Suplex by Judais Pal trying to get his feet but a Vertical suplex by Judais and then starts saying me me me. Big Sal the pal Runs towards Judais and gets the Big boot for his trouble and then a 1 arn scoopslam by Judais and a 1 count.

Judais went for the chokeslam but Sal The Pal Countered by Biting his fingers and got a bit of offence and then Judais went for the crucifix bomb and gang saved sal The Pal

Judias wins By Dq

Official Result Judais wins

Match 4 NWA United States Tag Team Championship Daisy Kill & Talos (c) Vs The Country Gentlemen

Aj Cazana and Daisy Kill Start the match lock up and punches by Aj Kill then tags in Talos and Talos gets back to their corner and tags Kill back in.

Tag made and Kc Cazana now enters the match kill took control and a reversal by Kc and made a tag to Aj chops and kicks by and the tags Kc back in Rake's eyes by king and counter KC and now Double wrist lock and then tags in.

The tag made by King Big Boot by Talos then runs to the corner and tags in King cover and count out by Aj tag made by King to Talos and then gets a 1 count back and forth tags by both teams kc and King now the legal men Grip by the Monster and a 3 count Daisy Kill And Taklso still Tag Champs

Official Result Daisy King And Talos Win

Match 5 The Immortals vs Daisy Kill and Talos

This match was made at the end of the last match with the Immortals coming out and Talos accepting the match . Kill starts the match and then gives a belly-to-belly suplex tag but the immortals stage made by Daisy and Talso now in the ring back and forth and they roll out of the ring and get counted out Immortals win but due to count out Daisy Kill and Talos Still Champs

Official Result Daisy Kill and Talos win


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