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NWA Powerrr Review 02/01/2024

Happy New Year! Welcome to my first review of 2024! It’s time for NWA Powerrr: Return to Robarts Part 3.

Match 1: Joe Alonzo vs Alex Misery

A great opening match between two very impressive talents. Some nice back and forth and some very athletic moves. A great way to start the new year. Grade B-

Backstage Interview:

Kyle Davis is backstage with Miss Samantha Starr and Chelsea. They first discuss Samantha Starr getting a shot at the Women’s Championship. Kyle then asks about the relationship between Samantha and Chelsea. Samatha says that Chelsea is there to do the menial tasks that she is too busy to do. 

Match 2: Three-Way Match to become #1 Contender for the NWA TV Championship - Anthony Catena vs Storm Thomas vs Jake Dumas

A good three-way match. Very interesting wrestling styles in this match. Great chemistry between the three men. A surprising winner in my opinion, I thought it might have been the hometown boy picking up the win, but a great win for Jake Dumas. Grade C

Austin Idol Celebration

The celebrations seemed to go downhill very quickly. Austin Idol was not happy with the plaque that he was presented with.

Backstage Interview:

Kyle Davis is backstage with Trevor Murdoch and Mike Knox. They discuss Trevor Murdoch’s suspension. They also discuss their match against the Country Gentlemen that is scheduled for next week.

Main Event: NWA Tag Team Championship Match - Blunt Force Trauma vs The Fixers

An OK main event. No surprises for me who won this one. I’m not a huge fan of Blunt Force Trauma, they just seem too generic and stale really. I would have preferred a different main event. Grade D+

Overall, not a bad show. The main event and the Austin Idol celebration were not great. But the other matches definitely helped the show.


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