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NWA Powerrr EP 141 Review.

The episode intro was a hype video for EC3 verses the War Machine Jax Dane. Not too exciting there. Best part of it is the line "This is the NWA where history lives, and where legends are forged."

First match is the Women's tag championship. One half of their champions is sick. The champs are Pretty Empowered; the challenger is Ruthie Jay and Missakate. Danny Dealz and Tim Storm do a decent job of selling the match. Danny playing heel and saying it isn't fair while Tim Storm pulls the contrary opinion. Most of the match I just kept thinking a less entertaining version of MJF and Adam Cole storyline. Good thing there wasn't a devil. Kenzie Page coming in to deliver a cutter for the retention was a nice swerve. Not a bad match just bad story that is too close to one that has been playing out on AEW Dynamite for the last couple of months.

The finish to the tag match led right into the Women's Championship match. I feel like this is a disservice to Kenzie Page as it did not allow her an entrance. Seperating the two matches on different episodes would have even been better as the show was taped all in one night for three or four episodes of Powerrr. Match Participants are Kenzie Page and Miss Starr. The match is on youtube although they will have new episodes on CW starting Feb 6 so why in tarnashins are they saying they have to take a quick break and going to their own commercial? Let the match go on uninterrupted. Maybe for the commercial you can I don't know clear the ring from the previous match. Just a novel idea from a guy who doesn't own his own promotion, not yet at least. Like this rant the commercial broke the flow of the match. Tim Storm says we know the family tree for Miss Starr. I have been watching the last few episodes and I don't know the actually family lineage. I think she is the daughter of Sam Houston making her the niece of both Rockin Robin and Jake the Snake. I know Jake is her uncle. That also makes her the granddaughter of Grizzly Smith. Then the other side of her family is also supposed to make her a third generation star as I have picked up she is a third generation wrestler on both sides of her family. But who? The injury fake was nice ending keeps fans wanting more of these two going at it. So after the match Chelsea did an ineffective attack just for Starr to save her. Chelsea came off as a worse version of my fellow Oklahoman Rebel.

Comeback from another commercial of theirs to see Bram, erh, I mean Thom Latimer complaining about Matt Cardona and EC3. Sets him up to challenge either man.

Murdoch opening the match with a bit of disrespect after the shoulder block was nice. Commentary made me lose my suspension of disbelief because they made a big deal out of KC scoop slamming Murdoch then AJ Cazana scoop slammed Knox. This just doesn't work it is basic wrestling and the guys are the same size don't blow it out of proportion. Now if Big John Stud or Andre the Giant who seldom did get scoop slammed that would be different. The outside brawl fits Murdoch and Knox. Also for those who are not familiar with US Alcohol and Tobacco sales regulations. The age to do both is 21. This has been in effect since 2020. Tim Storm is obviously not familiar with them as he said KC can by tobacco but not liquor. Before 2020 tobacco was 18. Knox and Samoa Joe are using the same tricks as they both just walk away from an inbound flying opponent. The hot tag didn't quite feel right. Commentary made it obvious that Knox and Murdoch were going to win. It just felt odd. Within seconds of the hot tag Murdock and Knox won off a high low.

A little person out of nowhere to dick punch Murdoch. He was then destroyed. Surprised they didn't throw him. Maybe they learned about perceptions after their October PPV.

The Southern Six sexual segment was horrible to me. This isn't late night 1990s TV this is Youtube. Can the Southern Six break up yet? I much prefer Kerry Morton as a singles competitor.

The main event was a nice powerhouse verse powerhouse match. EC3 did attempt some technical aspects with simple headlock takeovers. EC3 was the first to kick out of the Finisher for Jax. Nice aspect of the match. Makes EC3 look strong. Don't know how that will make the finisher going down the road. It can either become a super kick, granted it is only a big clothesline, or it can stay a One-Winged Angel. EC3 retains.

Overall it is a good show. The wrestling was solid. Where it falls short is the story. It felt too close to AEW in the opener. Then with the men's tag match commentary did not carry it like they should. I think if you are a person who casually watches wrestling it will be good. That or someone who can watch Smackdown on Fox if you are watching on the CW it will work. For me as a person who watches wrestling most days it needs improvement.


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