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NWA Powerr Review 22/08/2023

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NWA Powerr Review. So let's get into it.

Match 1 - The Spectaculars v The Fixers

The match starts with the first 2 men locking up and getting holds on each other. The Spectaculars stay on the offence with quick tags to each other. The Fixers finally get back in the match and start to get the upper hand. Bradly hits the big boot. The Fixers hit a double team where they spin the person around into the sidewalk slam. The Fixers are staying in the upper hand with heavy hits and moves. Rolondo tries his best with all his hits and moves but does nothing to The Fixers due to the size difference. The match breaks down a little bit. Rolondo gets sandwiched from The Fixers and gets thrown out of the ring into everyone else. The Fixers hit a big bower bomb and elbow double team to get the pin.

Official Winners - The Fixers

Match 2 - The Outrunners v Fodder and Eric Jackson

The match starts with Truth in the ring with Fodder. Fodder starts with getting an arm lock on Drew. The outrunners get back into it a little until Fodder pokes the eye. The Outrunners get back on the upper hand until Eric Jackson distracts the referee and Fodder hits a neck breaker then bites at the face of Truth. Truth then starts to get the upper hand with a couple of big chops then hits Eric Jackson off the apron. Fodder knocks Truth out of the ring as Angelina Love distracts Truth. Eric Jackson finally gets the tag in but quickly tags back out to keep fresh. Fodder gets the upper hand with a heavy combo and continues to stay on top. The Outrunners get on top with some double team and heavy hits. The Outrunners hit the combo neckbreaker and get the pin.

Official Winners - The Outrunners

We get a backstage interview with Aron Stevens and BFT

We get an in ring interview with Daisy Kill that gets interrupted by Jeremiah Plunkett

Match 3 - Robert Anthony v Daisy Kill v Jeremiah Plunkett

The match starts with Robert Anthony hitting both men and both men leaving the ring. Jeremiah goes after Daisy Kill and does a back racker then throws his head off the mat and hits a big punch. Daisy manages to throw Jeremiah into the ring post. Robert hits a massive chop on Daisy's chest. Daisy goes to hit a chop on Robert who is on the ring post but Robert moves and Daisy connects with the ring post. Robert gets both men in the ring and hits a slam on both men. Daisy tries to fight back and hits a big side slam. Jeremiah gets the upper hand on Daisy with bit hits and moves. All men start to share the upper hand and Robert has Daisy in a knee lock trying to get Daisy to tap out. Talos hits a big boot to Robert then chokeslams Jeremiah. Judias hits a chick slam on Talos and Gags comes in and hits a low blow and a big move on Judias. Daisy hit the big kick and a superkick on Robert for the pin

Official Winner - Daisy Kill

We get a DLZ episode

We get a backstage interview with Natalia Markova

Match 4 - Samantha Starr v Ruthie Jay

The match starts with both women shaking hands then locking up with Samantha getting Ruthie in a headlock. Ruthie hits a couple of arm drags. Both women counter each other. Ruthie hits a kick combo and that makes Samantha leave the ring. Ruthie opens the ropes for Samantha to get back in the ring and both women show good sportsmanship. Samantha start hits a closeline followed by a back elbow then another closeline, both women share the upper hand on each other and counter each other. Ruthie goes to the top rope but Samantha hits the top rope to make Ruthie fall off to the outside. Samantha holds the ropes for Ruthie but as she’s halfway in Samantha hits her. She hits the big DDT for the pin.

Official Winner - Samantha Starr

We get a backstage interview with Kenzie Paige and Kamille

Match 5 - 2 out of 3 falls tag team match - Thom Latimer and Chris Adonis v Knox and Murdoch

The match starts with Thom and Knox in the ring they lock up with both men sharing holds on each other. Thom hits a drop kick on Knox then puts Knox in an arm lock before tagging Adonis in. Knox gets the tag to Murdoch and they hit a massive tag team move. Adonis hits a flying shoulder tackle on Murdoch before he tries to pin him but gets a two count with Murdoch’s foot on the rope. Murdoch tags Knox in and Knox it’s a massive closeline to Adonis. Murdoch and Knox share tags and hit big moves. Knox hits a splash into the corner on Adonis and roles up Adonis to get the first three count to go 1-0 up. Murdoch pushes Thom into Adonis into the corner and Adonis doesn’t like this and puts Thom in the masterlock. Knox and Murdoch then hit the high low for Know to get the pin

Official Winners - Knox and Murdoch

It looks like after the match Adonis is looking for a match against Thom for the NWA Works Television Championship


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