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NWA Powerr Review 08/08/2023

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NWA Powerr Review. So let's get into it.

Match 1 - Last Chance Match - Missa Kate v Ella Envy

The match starts with both women locking up with Ella getting the better of the strength to the corner, Ella gets the upper hand a second time but by pulling the hair of Missa, Missa gets a headlock on Ella on the mat, Ella gets out the headlock by stamping on the foot of Missa and gets Missa in an armlock, Missa gets the upper hand on Ella with a couple of armdrags then also hits a scoop and slam on Ella. Ella gets the upper hand on Missa with heavy hits and moves, Missa was on the upper hand until Roxy distracted Missa which let Ella get a roll up pin by pulling Missa tights.

Official Winner - Ella Envy

Match 2 - Heavyweight Exhibition Match - Cody James v Anthony Andrews

The match starts with both men locking up but no one can move each other, Cody hits a couple of chops on Anthony but it doesn't do anything, Cody goes for a third chop but Anthony ducks it and hits a chop on Cody. Anthony then gets a headlock on Cody, Anthony gets the upper hand on Cody with heavy hits. Cody is on the outside holding his knee as the referee goes to check on him CJ uses the ropes to hurt Anthony. This then lets Cody get the upper hand on Anthony with heavy hits and using the ropes to choke Anthony. Cody stays on the upper hand using heavy hits and moves on Anthony. Anthony tried to get back in the match when he hits a closeline and when he attempt to do it again Cody moves and Anthony goes between the top and middle rope, CJ tried to get involved again but the referee caught her and ejected her from the ringside. Anthony starts to get the upper hand with heavy moves, Anthony goes to the second rope but Cody pulls his leg off the rope. Cody hits a splash in the corner and puts Anthony on the top turnbuckle but Anthony hits the dead to rights then hits the haymaker for the three count.

Official Winner - Anthony Andrews

We get a backstage interview with the Southern Six

We get another backstage interview with Jordan Clearwater and EC3

Match 3 - Magnum Muscle v SVGS

The match starts with SVGS attacking Magnum Muscle, Dane shows his strength against Dax Daper, Troop tags in and went for the german suplex but couldn't get it Dax tries to fit his way out the corner, Dane went to hit Dax but he moves out the way and Dane hits his partner, Dax gets on the upper hand with the amateur style wrestling moves, Dax tags in Mims who stays on top, Mims tries to spin Troop around on his shoulders but he can't with his injured knee, Troop gets the tag to Dane who goes after the injured knee, Dane Event stays on the upper hand with attacking the knee and hitting other heavy hits and moves, Mims manages to hit a belly to belly, Both men get the tag to there partners, Dax starts on the upper hand hitting chops to Troop, Dax hits a heavy move then tags in MIms, Dax and Mims try to hit a double move but Mims knee gives way and after Troop hits a low blow on Dax he gets the figure four on MIms but Dax hits a splash to break it up. Troop goes for a big splash in the corner but Mims moves and hits the big strong slam for the three count.

Official Winners - Magnum Muscle

We get a DLZ episode

We see a clip of what happened during the break when Dane was trying to call out Tim Storm for a match at 75 and Tim Storm accepts.

Match 4 - Odinson v Zion

The match starts with both men locking up and Zion getting a wrist lock before a rope break. Zion gets an arm lock in for a little bit, Odison manages to get him in the corner for the break, Zion gets on the upper hand with a big kick and then a couple of shoulders to the gut, Zion throws Odinson to the opposite corner and goes for a splash but Odinson catches him and hits a belly to belly. Odinson then takes control of the match with a couple of big knee drops to the face. Odinson stays on top with heavy hits and heavy moves, Odinson goes for a splash but Zion moves out of the way and then throws Odinson shoulder first into the ring post. Zion stays on the attack on the arm of Odinson. Zion stays on the upper hand for a while, and Odinson manages to finally counter with a vertical suplex. Both men share the upper hand on each other. Zion hits Odinson with the chair and gets DQ. Zion continues to attack Odinson with the chair until Odinson can't take anymore.

Official Winner Odinson

We get a backstage interview with Vampiro

Match 5 - Vampiro and La Rebelion v Brothers of Funstruction and Mario Pardua

The match starts with Vampiro against Pardua, both men lock up, and Pardua gets attacked with a scoop and slam on Vampiro. both men share chops, Vampiro gets Pardua in a headlock and is thrown off the ropes and hits Pardua with a shoulder tackle. Vampiro tags to one half of La Rebelion and Yabo comes in for the Brothers of Funstruction. The match breaks down with Vampiro and La Rebelion attacking Yabo. La Rebelion and Vampiro share taking shots on Yabo with quick tags and sharing heavy hits. Yabo gets a two count but one half of La Rebelion gets back on the upper hand. Yabo hits a dropkick off the second rope to both members of La Rebelion and gets the tag to Rafo. Rafo takes out both members of La Rebelion and Vampiro. Pardua makes the blind tag but Vampiro hits the driver for the three count.

Official Winners - Vampiro and La Rebelion


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