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NWA Powerr Review 01/08/2023

Hello everyone, I am one half of your Irn Bruiserweights bringing you your NWA Powerr Review. So let's get into it.

Match 1 - Three Way Exhibition Match - Chris Adonis v Dak Draper v Damage

The match starts with Damage going after Draper as Chris Adonis watches on before he gets slapped by Damage. Chris and Damage share punches on each other before Chris gets the master lock applied but Draper breaks hit by hitting Chris in the back. Draper tried to get the upper hand on Chris but it didn't last long before Chris got some heavy hits in and racked the back of Draper. Draper gets the upper hand on Chris with some move combos as Chris leaves the ring Damage comes in with a closeline and gets on the offence with heavy hits on Draper. Damage has been dominant but Chris manages to get some heavy blows on Damage before he gets put out of the ring by Draper who then hits a cut wrench powerbomb and goes for the pin but Chris breaks it up trying to get the masterlock on Draper. Draper went for the pin but was through into the ropes where Aaron Stevens hit him on the outside with the loaded glover and Chris got him straight into the master lock until Draper passed out.

Official Winner - Chris Adonis

Match 2 - Gaagz The Gymp v Judais

The match starts with Judais going after Gaagz but Gaagz keeps dodging Judais. Judais gets Gaagz in the corner and throws him across the ring then gets him in another corner and throws him across the ring again, Gaagz escapes the ring but it's not long till he is thrown back in again, Gaagz straight away leaves the ring and goes under the ring to the other side, As Judais goes to the side Gaagz is at, Judais comes out the ring but Gaagz has went under the ring again, Gaagz eventually gets back in the ring and sneaks up behind Judais and tries to hit a sleeper hold and claws at Judais eyes. Gaagz tries to get Judais to tap out but Judais gets out of it and he goes on the offence with loads of heavy hits and moves. Judais hits the chokeslam then hits a Crusafix bomb, Jeramya Plunket comes out and tries to get the referee to stop the match then he gets in the ring to go at Judais but Judais hits a chokeslam straight away. Sal The Pal comes out and throws in a beach towel and then stops the match due to forfeit.

Judais gets the towel and starts choking Gaagz with it.

Official Winner - Judais

We get a backstage interview from The Country Gentlemen

Match 3 - Robert Anthony and Eric Jackson v Joe Alonzo and Fodder

The match starts with Fodder and Anthony locking up and using their strength on each other, Fodder went for a punch in the corner but Anthony ducked it and moved out the corner then chopped Fodder and then went on offence with some heavy hits, Anthony tags in Jackson who stays on the offence and then tags in Anthony again and they hit a double team move with Anthony staying in the offence. Anthony then tags Jackson back in and he gets thrown into the ropes as Jackson hits the ropes Joe kicks him in the back which distracts Jackson for a second and Fodder gets a heavy hit on Jackson and Alonzo and Fodder keep on the offence with heavy hits and quick tags in and out. Alonzo stays on the attack with some heavy hits and chokes Jackson and as the referee's back is turned Fodder uses the ropes to choke Jackson. Again Fodder and Alonzo stay on the attack with heavy hits and quick tags. Jackson tries to get in the match and hits a snap suplex on Alonzo so both men are down on the mat. Anthony gets the tag and starts attacking Alonzo ad Fodder with heavy hits and moves. Alonzo hits a superkick then hights the death valley driver for the pin.

Official Winner - Joe Alonzo and Fodder.

We get a DLZ episode

We get a backstage interview

Match 4 - NWA World Women's Television Title Match - Kenzie Paige v Angelina Love

There is a 6 minutes and 5 second time limit. The match starts with both women locking up and Angelina Love going for a roll-up pin, Both women push each other and as Angelina Love goes to the corner Kenzie trips her up so she hits her head off the second turnbuckle. Kenzie then hits a back elbow to Angelina Love, and Angelina Love hits a big closeline, Both Women share the upper hand on each other with Angelina Love getting more of it near the end of the match but the time ran out.

Official Winner - STILL NWA World Women's Television Champion - Kenzie Paige

We get a backstage interview with Pretty Empowered

Koa Laxamana gets interviewed in the ring, Ricky Morton interrupts and says he has someone for Koa to wrestle

Match 5 - Koa Laxamana v Thrillbilly Silas Mason

The match starts with both men locking with Thrillbilly showing his strength with heavy moves and heavy hits, Thrillbilly stays on the for a while keeping going with the heavy hits and heavy hits. Thrillbilly went for the big boot but missed as he took too long, he then went for an elbow in the corner but missed that too and Koa hits Thrillbilly with some heavy kicks, Thrillbilly hit the one arm thrill ride for the 3 count.

Official Winner - Thrillbilly Silas Mason


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