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NJPW Strong Resurgence

Resurgence 2023 is broadcast live from Long Beach, California's Walter Pyramid by New Japan Pro-Wrestling. The main event included eight matches, including three tournament matchups to determine the first NJPW Strong Women's Champion. The winner of the matches between Momo Kohgo and Willow Nightingale and former IWGP Women's Champion Mercedes Moné and Stephanie Vaquer will face off in the main event for the NJPW Strong Women's Championship. The victor of Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Will Ospreay vs. Lance Archer at Dominion 6.4 in Osaka-jo Hall will face Lance Archer to decide who will be the top contender for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship.

TMDK (Zack Sabre Jr. and Bad Dude Tito) vs. Bárbaro Cavernario and Virus

The legal wrestlers for the match were Virus and Sabre Jr. Early in the match, Virus and Sabre Jr. swapped submission holds. Cavernario and Tito joined in. With a shoulder tackle, Tito brought Cavernario to the ground. When Tito reacted, Cavernario dropped him with a kick. Virus took on the role of the law again. Cavernario and Virus collaborated for a short while.

Tito elbowed Virus after slamming him onto the canvas. At ringside, Cavernario was dispatched by Sabre Jr. Tito and Sabre Jr. entered and exited the fight repeatedly. Virus tagged Cavernario and connected with a powerful dropkick. Virus and Cavernario collaborated once more. Tito answered with a series of motions. Sabre Jr. was tagged back in by Tito. Hammerlock suplex was delivered by Cavernario.

Virus and Sabre Jr. kept circling each other. Virus used a lariat to bring down Sabre Jr. Cavernario and Tito joined in. Cavernario and Tito traded blows. After successfully throwing a Blue Thunder Bomb, Tito tried a pin. Tito was forced to tap out, and Cavernario then won the game for his squad.

Bárbaro Cavernario and Virus are the winners by submission.

Mercedes Moné and Stephanie Vaquer locked up right away in their tournament bout for the first NJPW Strong Women's Championship. Vaquer and Moné traded words back and forth. At the same time, both wrestlers tried a dropkick. After Moné locked in a crossface, Vaquer was able to grasp the bottom rope. In each corner, Moné and Vaquer traded blows. Vaquer used the ropes to catch Moné in a hanging armbar. After establishing contact with a springboard crossbody, Vaquer tried a pin.

Vaquer grabbed charge of the contest and punched Moné in the face. Vaquer kept punishing Moné while making many pinfall tries. Moné retaliated, rushing from the apron to take Vaquer out with her knees. Moné delivered a DDT to the ground.

Moné tried a pin by landing on her double knees inside the ring. Vaquer hit the corner of the ring multiple times in response. Moné struck Vaquer with her knees. Vaquer blocked Moné's crossbody and locked in a crossface. Moné broke free and got herself locked in a crossface. Once more, Moné and Vaquer exchanged words. Vaguer made an effort to defeat Moné. After hitting a Moné Maker, Moné executed a backstabber in the corner to secure the victory.

WInner and advancing to the finals: Mone.

In a tournament bout for the first NJPW Strong Women's Championship between Momo Kohgo and Willow Nightingale, Nightingale demonstrated her strength after locking up with Kohgo. Kohgo was knocked to the ground by Nightingale. After connecting with a low crossbody, Nightingale tried a pin. Nightingale kept on dominating. Later, Kohgo battled back and successfully executed a crossbody from the top. Kohgo successfully connected a headscissors and a 619. Kohgo attempted a cover while executing a dropkick from the top.

Kohgo delivered a fisherman's suplex and held the bridge for a pinfall attempt. In response, Nightingale pushed Kohgo against the floor. Nightingale and Kohgo exchanged blows. Kohgo was defeated by Nightingale with two lariats and a snap suplex. Nightingale tried a pin after landing a cannonball in the corner. Kohgo retaliated once more and attempted many covers.

Nightingale used a spinebuster to plant Kohgo into the mat before attempting to take shelter. Kohgo was hit with a huge lariat and promptly rose back to his feet. After hitting a powerbomb in the middle of the ring, Nightingale made it to the championship round.

Willow Nightingale triumphed and advanced to the final through pinfall.

Fred Rosser vs. Juice Robinson in a Street Fight

On the mat, Rosser and Robinson exchanged blows. Robinson was knocked to the ground by Rosser. Robinson was thrown against the barrier by Rosser, who then applied a lariat. Robinson walked toward the ramp leading in. Rosser was raised above Robinson's head. Rosser was being punished by Robinson using a belt.

Rosser was dragged into the ring by Robinson after the belt was placed around his neck. Robinson unbuckled the belt and beat Rosser repeatedly. When Robinson finally responded, Rosser dispatched a Death Valley driver and sent him through a door in the corner. Rosser used his belt to strike Robinson. Robinson was thrown over the ropes by Rosser after placing the belt around his neck.

At ringside, Rosser grabbed a garbage can and tipped it over Robinson. Rosser struck Robinson in the head with the trash can, breaking him open. Rosser's weaponry included a steel chair, a stop sign, and a kendo stick. Robinson was thrown into the ring after Rosser set up a ladder adjacent to it.

Rosser pushed Robinson's head against the exposed turnbuckle once again inside the ring. Robinson was beaten repeatedly with a steel chain and steel chair while Rosser held a trash can over her head. Robinson was still being punished by Rosser using the steel chain.

Robinson's wife Toni Storm emerged and made an effort to strike Rosser with a low blow. Rosser kissed Storm after revealing a protector. Rosser was knocked to the ground by Storm after Robinson struck him low. Storm was pushed into Robinson by Rosser. Robinson was pinned to the floor by Rosser, who then locked in a crossface. Rosser was hit with a broken bottle by Storm after his return. Rosser was sent through a door in the corner by Robinson. While Robinson put a stop sign in front of Rosser, Storm successfully executed a hip attack. Rosser's face collided with a steel chair, giving the victory to Robinson.

Kyle Fletcher appeared and relinquished the NJPW Strong tag titles he and Mark Davis held.

For the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship, Hikuleo (c) will face KENTA.

KENTA quickly devoured a sizable boot from Hikuleo. KENTA moved toward the ring. KENTA was being punished inside the ring by Hikuleo. Hikuleo was thrown at the referee by KENTA. KENTA was sent to the ground after Hikuleo deflected a low strike. KENTA and Hikuleo brawled close to the stage. Without a camera present, KENTA and Hikuleo confronted each other behind the scenes. Hikuleo made a wounded return.

KENTA was thrown by Hikuleo onto the barrier. KENTA gave a quick reply. The winner set up a table and led KENTA into the spectators. A referee was moved out of the way by Hikuleo. Hikuleo was thrown by KENTA through the table below and over the railing. Hikuleo was unable to respond to the referee's count even though KENTA was able to enter the ring.

After the contest, Eddie Kingston appeared on the screen as the victor and the NEW NJPW Strong Openweight Champion, KENTA, by countout. Kingston declared that when he returned, he would challenge for the NJPW Strong Openweight Championship.

Jon Moxley and Wheeler Yuta's Blackpool Combat Club and Kazuchika Okada, Rocky Romero, and Tomohiro Ishii's Shota Umino vs. CHAOS are two examples of teams.

The match was started by Ishii and Umino. After locking up, Umino backed Ishii against the ropes while making fun of Okada. In the middle of the ring, Ishii and Umino exchanged blows. Okada was pursued by Umino on the apron. Okada was included. Okada used a powerful boot to bring down Umino. Umino was knocked to the ground by Okada, who then threw him into the barrier. Okada splashed Umino with a drink.

As the action moved back to the ring, Okada tagged Romero into the contest. Yuta was tagged by Umino. Romero used a hurricane to knock Yuta off his feet. Romero and Yuta exchanged blows. Romero was knocked out by Yuta. While the referee was preoccupied, Moxley bit Romero's forehead in the corner. Moxley was tagged in and then drove Romero into the mat. There was a brief halt to the game.

Romero was still being punished in the ring by Moxley. Romero was thrown by Moxley onto the barrier at ringside. After being tagged in, Umino attempted a pin. Umino pursued Okada once more. After giving Romero a DDT, Umino went for a cover. The legitimate wrestler was Moxley. Romero retaliated and successfully applied a springboard DDT. Yuta and Ishii were included.

Ishii attempted to pin Yuta after suplexing him. Moxley was tagged back in and then delivered a cutter to Ishii. Ishii was repeatedly elbowed by Moxley, and a headlock was used. Umino was chosen as the official wrestler. Yuta and Moxley were struck by Ishii. Okada was tagged by Ishii.

Okada attempted to pin Umino after using a DDT to spike him. Umino provided the scenery and momentarily assumed command. Umino was knocked to the ground by Okada, who had caught him. Okada threw an elbow from the top position. Moxley confronted Okada. Moxley and Okada exchanged blows

Romero was included. After kneeing Umino while he was seated on the top rope, Romero attempted a pin. Armbar on Umino by Romero was broken up by Yuta. Romero received a German suplex from Yuta. Ishii ran into Moxley. Ishii was defeated by Moxley using a lariat. Moxley was knocked off his feet as Okada entered. After doing a Death Rider and an Okada-style dropkick, Umino won for his team.

Winners were Shota Umino and Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley and Wheeler Yuta), both by pinfall.

In a tournament bout to decide the top contender for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Will Ospreay locked up right away. Tanahashi's wristlock was turned into a headlock by Ospreay. Tanahashi used a crossbody from the turnbuckles to knock Ospreay off his feet. Ospreay kicked Tananashi hard after dropping him onto the top rope. On the ground, Tanahashi was killed by Ospreay.

As the action resumed in the ring, Ospreay maintained control. Ospreay struck the corner man in the chest with chops. After throwing Tanahashi into the corner, Ospreay tried a pin. After putting Tanahashi's back on his knee, Ospreay went for another cover.

After coming off the ropes, Tanahashi lifted Ospreay off his feet.Ospreay was thrown to the mat by Tanahashi, who then jumped from the middle turnbuckle.Tanahashi was defeated by Ospreay after he emerged from the ropes.Ospreay successfully landed a springboard forearm and made a pin attempt.Ospreay's knee received a dropkick from Tanahashi.Tanahashi locked in a submission as he continued to focus on Ospreay's knee.Ospreay escaped the hold and landed a kick.The middle of the ring saw back-and-forth action between Tanahashi and Ospreay.After putting Tanahashi's back on his knee, Ospreay went for another cover.

Ospreay struck the back of the skull from the turnbuckles with a forearm. Tanahashi quickly followed up a Storm Breaker with a Sling Blade. Tanahashi's crossbody was overturned by Ospreay from the top. The two men exchanged pinfalls. Ospreay succeeded in cutting the springboard before attempting a pin. Ospreay struck his opponent in the back of the head to score the match-winning Storm Breaker.

Will Ospreay triumphed in pinfall. (To determine who is the top challenger for the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship currently held by Kenny Omega, Ospreay will now meet Lance Archer at Dominion.)

Match for the inaugural NJPW Strong Women's Championship Mercedes Moné will face Willow Nightingale.

The chant "This is awesome" was heard from the crowd before the game began. Moné and Nightingale took everything in. Nightingale and Moné exchanged words often. Moné was knocked to the ground by Nightingale. After Moné contested the referee's count, Nightingale had the upper hand. Moné temporarily retaliated by striking Nightingale in the corner with his open palm. With an enzuigiri, Nightingale knocked Moné off her feet. In the middle of the ring, Nightingale hit a spinebuster and caught Moné in a Boston crab. Nightingale delivered a superplex from the top and then made an attempt at a pin.

After throwing Nightingale into the top turnbuckle, Moné collapsed to the ground. After that, Moné looked like she was having trouble with her right leg. The center of the ring was crossed by Moné. Moné was raised by Nightingale as she dropped a powerbomb. Moné's shoulders were down, but the referee stopped counting the pin. Nightingale won the match by delivering a second powerbomb.

NEW NJPW Strong Women's Champion Willow Nightingale prevailed by way of pinfall. After the match, Moné was seen being carried out. While speaking to the crowd, Nightingale broke down in tears.


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