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Nigel McGuinness Remembers Striking Fear Into Bryan Danielson, Thinks It’s Karma That Danielson Brok

Nigel McGuinness has discussed his rivalry with Bryan Danielson.

The English legend spoke about the American Dragon during a recent interview on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, where he was asked about coming out of retirement and wrestling Bryan Danielson once again.

The truth of the matter is, the only way I was going to come out of retirement was for a match against Bryan Danielson at Wembley Stadium. It was going to take something like that for me to come out of retirement, because I value my job doing announcing and there are so many other guys on the card that are so much better than me and deserve those spots, but in the right situation, I’d be crazy to not be open to that possibility.

Nigel McGuinness does think it’s somewhat ironic that Bryan Danielson threatened to break his neck at a recent media scrum, and then Bryan Danielson broke his arm in his match against Kazuchika Okada at Forbidden Door 2.

Now, [Danielson] has gone and broken his arm. Let’s be honest. We all saw the x-rays, and one of those bones was perfectly okay. I don’t know how many bones are in the human body. He’s got all of them apart from one, does he really need time off? He’s sitting at home, taking a paycheck, digging those clams out of the sand. He could be in there wrestling me. To be perfectly honest, he’s probably a bit scared. It’s ironic isn’t it? Someone asked him that question in a media scrum and he was like, ‘I respect Nigel as a commentator, but if he gets in the ring with me, I’d break his neck,’ and he’s the one with a broken arm, and I never got a chance to wrestle him. That is karma.

As for a potential rematch with Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuiness doesn’t think it will happen but does recall striking fear into Bryan Danielson’s eyes during an old showdown they had in Liverpool.

I’m not saying he’d be scared of wrestling me again, he’s had a lot more experience than me, but I’m in as good of shape now as I’ve ever been. I’m in ring shape, I’m ready to go, but I can’t see myself wrestling at this point in that sort of situation at this point. That’s the truth of the matter. It made me think, I remember when he said that ‘he’ll break my neck,’ I’m sure he can’t feel threatened, but it took me back to the match we had in Liverpool where he ran my head into the ring post four times, knocked me out damn nearly, and left me on the outside to get counted out. I got back in the ring, and I will always remember the look on his face when I came up, covered in blood, ready to murder him. That look of fear. That’s a look of fear that doesn’t disappear in 12 years, that stays with him for the rest of his life. To me, that sounded like someone who didn’t want the match to happen. You can understand why


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