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Nic Nemeth, Formerly WWE's Dolph Ziggler, On What He Wants To See From Cody Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes has notably been testing his promo skills against The Rock after the veteran inserted himself into the long-term feud between "The American Nightmare" and Roman Reigns. Cody Rhodes recently cut a polarizing promo, but Nic Nemeth in a recent episode of "Busted Open Radio" said this is something he wants to continue seeing from the "WWE Raw" superstar.

While he's a fan of Cody Rhodes' promo, Nic Nemeth wants to see more of Cody Rhodes getting personal in his promo segments, especially considering how The Rock has now become involved with the two-year-long feud. 

"If we're gonna put all those pieces together and we're going all in and now, we're saying about your mother? Let's make it real."

Nic Nemeth is confident that Cody Rhodes will finish his "story," but if he doesn't, things have to become more intense especially since The Rock will walk back into Hollywood after the feud. 

"You better put everything out there because the boss that just told everybody 'I'm now part of WrestleMania' is going to walk out there the next day or walk off into a movie. So, you better be ready to go after that, and you better be the next guy."

Cody Rhodes has notably been criticized by some detractors for wearing a suit since he's a babyface, and Nic Nemeth suggested that his promo would've been a good time for him to shed the suit, get angry, and promise to run The Rock out of WWE. "He throws his jacket off and you go like, 'Cool, there's a guy that just like me underneath there that can only take so much s**t and he's gonna knock somebody out.'"

Thank you to "Busted Open Radio" for the transcription.

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