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Nia Jax – ‘When I First Came Into WWE, I Was One Of The Bigger Girls’

In a recent interview with Mike Karolyi, Nia Jax spoke about the diversity in the women’s division in WWE with respect to Superstars of different sizes.

Jax said, “When I first came in [to WWE], I was one of the bigger girls. I just had to face a lot of the smaller girls, and it was always such a big difference.

Now, we have such an array of women — all different shapes and sizes — especially someone like Raquel Rodriguez who I faced a couple of weeks ago. We’re about the same size, and it’s really cool to show the fans what we can do — two, big, powerful women in the ring. That’s a cool thing that has developed over the last decade or so. I feel like everyone gets to see all kinds of differences, and be able to relate to everything in there.”

Jax defeated Shayna Baszler in singles action earlier this week on WWE RAW.


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