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Next Review 31/10/23

It’s week two of Halloween Havoc and this time it’s Halloween night. The main event this week will see Carmelo Hayes getting a rematch against Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Title. Other than that, we’ll probably hear from Chase U following their title win last week. Let’s get to it.

Scarlett and Shotzi, dressed as Ghostbusters and getting out of ECTO-1, arrive because they got called about a job.

Opening recap, complete with clips of last week’s opening live performance of Vampyre by New Year’s Day. Some previews for tonight are included too.

Match 1 Creed Brothers vs. Angel Garza/Humberto Carrillo

Tables, Ladders, and Scares match, meaning a TLC match but with pins. Julius starts fast by putting Garza through Carrillo through a table on the floor before crushing both of them with a ladder. Another pair of tables is set up at ringside but Garza gets in a cheap shot on Brutus to break up Julius’ superplex. Instead, it’s Julius being sent onto a bridged ladder inside. A Blockbuster/Gory Bomb combination sends Brutus through a table at ringside and we take a break.

Back with Carrillo hitting a springboard spinning kick to send a chair into Brutus’ face. Garza hits a missile dropkick to knock Brutus out of a chair and then powerbombs Julius into a ladder in the corner. Julius’ back looks AWFUL as Brutus puts the ladder around his head for the Terry Funk spinning spot.

Back up and Julius makes the save on the floor and it’s time to load up another pair of tables inside. Garza is knocked to the floor and the Brutus Ball through the tables finishes Carrillo at 14:02.

Official Result Creed Brothers Win

Rating: B. They had some time here and beat the fire out of each other, which is what a match like this is supposed to be. The Creeds are pretty clearly main roster bound and if this wasn’t their last match, it’s probably one of them. They’ve done everything they can do in NXT and if this was their swan song, they went out with a heck of a fight.

Shotzi (a clown) and Scarlett (as Scarlett) mess with an Ouija board but Ivy Nile and Alba Fyre come in to show them how it’s done.

Tiffany Stratton is NOT happy with Fallon Henley impersonating her last week.

Joe Gacy (now that is scary) talks about seeing horrors and the pain and suffering he had to go through to get here. Everyone stabs him with his judgmental eyes, but he wonders if he is the problem. Yes.

Match 2 Tiffany Stratton vs. Fallon Henley

Stratton jumps her before the bell and wrecks Henley’s knee. No match.

The Meta Four (dressed as the Scooby Doo gang) go to a haunted house to find the Heritage Cup. They hear Japanese and Noam Dar shouts that he wants his Cup back from Akira Tozawa. Various monsters scare them off and more on this later.

Match 3 North American Title: Nathan Frazer vs. Dominik Mysterio

Mysterio (an inmate), with Rhea Ripley (a prison guard, Cobb County, Georgia residency status unclear), is defending. Feeling out process to start until Frazer snaps off some arm drags into a dropkick to the floor. Back in Frazer sends him to the floor again and we take an early break.

We come back with Dominik hitting some Amigos but Frazer double-legs him down to hammer away. Ripley offers a distraction so Dominik can send him outside, only for Frazer to jump back in for a dive. Back in and Frazer superplexes him into a twisting suplex for two.

Dominik dropkicks him into the rope but the 619 is cut off with a superkick. Frazer goes up and gets shoved hard into the announcers’ table. The frog splash retains the title at 10:27.

Official Result Dominik Mysterio Wins

Rating: B-. It’s still hard to fathom that Mysterio is rather good at what he does these days. He and Ripley are still one of the most over acts in the company but it isn’t just because of Ripley anymore. Mysterio can more than hang in the ring and he showed that here, wrestling a completely good match and finishing Frazer without a ton of help. Nice stuff here.

Post match Wes Lee runs in to go after Dominik and hold up the title.

Jacy Jayne congratulates Andre Chase on the title win. Chase says they won fair and square last week but Jayne doesn’t seem to buy it. Jayne and Thea Hail leave when Tony D’Angelo and Stacks come in. Chase calls D’Angelo sir and he says Chase U owes them. Hudson says of course they’ll get a rematch but D’Angelo says “Yeah, that too.” Chase again looks a bit shaken.

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, now Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, talk about who is the most cursed.

Back to the haunted house where the split up Meta Four gets scared by a variety of scary things. Oro Mensah, as Shaggy, runs into Akira Tozawa and gets beaten up. Lash Legend (Velma) beats up one of the monsters but gets kidnapped by another. More on this later.

Match 4 Mr. Stone vs. Bron Breakker

Stone is fighting for his injured friend/client Von Wagner and starts by running away. The chase on the floor results in Breakker running him over and there’s a suplex to make it worse. The spear finishes Stone at 2:36. That’s all it should have been.

Official Result Bron Breakker Wins

Post-match Breakker loads up the steps (how he hurt Wagner) but cue Wagner for the save. A chokeslam onto the steps leaves Breakker laying but he avoids being crushed by the steps.

We look back at Lyra Valkyria beating Becky Lynch to win the Women’s Title last week (as narrated by what sounds like Finn Balor). Valkyria has been on a media tour in Ireland to celebrate her victory.

OTM (Reggie/Scrypts and Lucien Price and Bronco Nima) talks about the rough way they grew up and how they’re someone.

Match 5 Women’s Tag Team Titles: Thea Hail/Jacy Jayne vs. Piper Niven/Chelsea Green

Hail and Jayne, with the rest of Chase U, are challenging. The brawl starts on the floor before the bell until it’s Hail arm-dragging Green into the corner to start. Hail gets knocked outside but runs back in for a dive. The champs are down on the floor and we take a break. Back with Hail fighting out of Niven’s chinlock and avoiding a Cannonball in the corner.

Hail grabs a Kimura on Niven, who seems more annoyed than anything else. A tornado DDT plants Niven and a crawl between Green’s legs is enough for the tag back to Jayne.

Green gets planted with a spinebuster but Niven makes the save. Chase goes to hype up the student section so Jayne goes for a belt…but Chase won’t let her. The distraction lets Green hit Unpretty-Her to retain at 9:00.

Official Result Piper Niben & Chelsea Green won

Rating: C. It’s nice to see the champs win something and the ending keeps the Chase U issues going. With Chase wanting to go one way and Jayne, arguably the source of their success, wanting to go the other, there is a setup for something down the line. That being said, Green and Niven continue to get better in the ring and they’re gelling as a team rather well all things considered.

As the champs leave, Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn make the Wheel spin, but we don’t see where it lands.

Lexis King is pleased with his performances and likes the buzz around his name around here. You should see what he’s doing next, or better yet, what he’s already done. King hits on McKenzie Mitchell a bit but she leaves. This was more charisma than he showed in his entire AEW run.

Match 6 Women’s Breakout Tournament Final: Kelani Jordan vs. Lola Vice

Vice has Elektra Lopez with her. Jordan spins over into a backslide to start but Vice swats away a dropkick and fires off some kicks. We take a break and come back with Vice fighting out of trouble and hitting….I think an elbow to the face. MVP’s Playmaker connects but Lopez’s distraction causes Jordan to miss a moonsault. Vice’s spinning kick to the head is good for the win at 6:59.

Official Result Lola Vice Wins

Rating: C. That’s about as good as you’re going to get with two still fairly new stars and seven minutes including a commercial break. Vice felt like a star from the second she debuted and giving her the win here is the logical choice to make. Jordan did well in the tournament and got a lot out of it, but this was Vice’s to win and that was the case from the start.

Back to the haunted house where Noam Dar finds the Heritage Cup, which he kisses. Then a bunch of the scary things surround him and Akira Tozawa comes in to steal the cup. Tozawa wants a title shot and Dar is scared into agreeing.

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn talk about how Shotzi and Scarlett have fixed the other realm but here are Von Wagner and Mr. Stone. The former wants Bron Breaker next week but Stone says it’s too soon. Wagner’s head starts hurting, though he still wants the match.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Match 7NXT Title: Carmelo Hayes vs. Ilja Dragunov

Hayes is challenging. They miss kicks to the head to start and go with the forearm exchange instead. A double knockdown sends us to an early break and we come back with Dragunov chopping away, including at the knee of all things. Dragunov cuts him off with a hard clothesline for two and they both need a breather. Hayes is back up with a spinning faceplant for two of his own, setting up one heck of a frog splash for two.

Quite the DDT plants Dragunov again but he’s up with a clothesline and something like a spinebuster for his near fall. Hayes hits a hard clothesline but can’t put Dragunov down, allowing Dragunov to hit a quick H Bomb for two. Back up and they crash out to the floor for a nasty landing but Dragunov gets to scream.

Dragunov gets the better of things and hits an H Bomb through the announcers’ table but they both make it back inside. The springboard Codebreaker is blocked so Hayes sends him into the buckle. Dragunov is back with another H Bomb for two but the super H Bomb is countered into the Codebreaker. Nothing But Net is loaded up….but here is an angry-looking Trick Williams. The distraction lets Dragunov hit a superplex into Torpedo Moscow to retain at 16:30.

Official Result Lija Dragunov Wins

Rating: B. These guys have good matches but they don’t quite hit theat super high level. That was the situation again here in the trilogy match, which hopefully is the last we see from these two for a bit. Hayes seems ready to move on to Williams and I’m sure Dragunov will get Baron Corbin or someone else at Deadline when there is a concept match to focus on. For now though, it was a good main event for a TV special, but not a must see classic.

Post match Dragunov leaves so Williams gets in the ring and glares down at Hayes. Williams picks him up…and we cut to the back where Baron Corbin has attacked Dragunov to end the show. Williams didn’t say anything so there’s your cliffhanger.

Overall Thoughts

This was another strong show from NXT with a string of good matches and the worst ones being completely watchable. The ending keeps us going on the way to Deadline in about five weeks so they’ve worried about the future as well. In other words, NXT continues its role, as they’ve figured out how to make this show entertaining and keep the ball moving.


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